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Rental Filtration Solutions for Water Quality Problems

21 May 2019  |
Amazon Filters has introduced a new rental service for municipal water companies to help them ensure their customers receive excellent quality water through the use of mobile filtration skid units.

Globally climate change is stressing drinking water supplies as a result of increases in temperature, shifts in precipitation patterns, and an increase in the frequency of flooding and droughts. Such conditions can result in short to medium term water quality problems.

A range of configurable skid mounted filtration units is now available to rent from Amazon Filters.  Available to rent these mobile filtration platforms eliminate the need for you to invest in capital equipment that may be sitting idle for much of the year. Flexible rental terms mean you only pay for when you need it.

Proven to maintain the quality of municipal water supplies for flow rates up to and exceeding 100 m3 per hour, Amazon Filters skid mounted filtration platforms can be quickly configured to optimally solve problems such as high levels of turbidity, chlorine or manganese removal and elimination of cryptosporidium contamination.

Drawing upon its proprietary SupaPore and SupaPleat pleated and SupaSpun depth filter technologies, Amazon Filters skid mounted filtration systems offer longer life, greater throughputs and lower operating costs than competitive systems.

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