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RITTMEYER Shifts Boundaries

Need a flow measurement for penstocks with a diameter of more than three meters and at the same time it has to be a clamp-on solution?

With the high-quality RISONIC clamp-on system, Rittmeyer meets these requirements with two possible solutions.

In this case, the plant operator (a hydroelectric power plant in Scotland) operates 2 penstocks with a diameter of 3.8 meters each. Rittmeyer was able to install a RISONIC clamp-on system with G02 200kHz sensors on this plant. Such RISONIC clamp-on systems have already been proved successful on plants with a pipe diameter of up to 6 meters. The provided measurement data of the RISONIC clamp-on system led to the full satisfaction of the plant operator.

At the same time, Rittmeyer was able to carry out a test measurement with a 2 layer / 2 path (2E2P) system with standard G05, 500kHz clamp-on sensors. So far, this product solution has only been used up to a penstock diameter of 3 meters. This test measurement was also a total success and impressively demonstrates the quality and high reliability of Rittmeyer flow measurement solutions!

A strong product solution requires not only a high quality and reliable product, but also the right people to implement the solution. Rittmeyer Service and Competence Centers and the worldwide partner network Rittmeyer has the right people on the right place. 

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