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SEKO’s Smart Evo Chemical Dosing System Solves Multiple Problems for Commercial Laundry

3 Mar 2020  |
When a busy commercial laundry with 20 years’ experience serving hotels, restaurants, spas and bed & breakfasts across the UK wanted to modernise its chemical dosing regime, they turned to industry expert SEKO for a solution.

“Manual dosing was causing a number of issues”

The laundry operator had recently made a significant investment in order to expand the business, including moving to larger premises and upgrading its washers. However, the dosing of chemicals such as detergent and softener was still being carried out manually which was causing several issues, including:

  • Variable chemical dosing
  • Inconsistent wash results
  • Chemical spillage during dosing
  • Operational inefficiency caused by extended dosing time
  • Exposure of staff to highly-concentrated chemicals

Faced with these multiple challenges, the operator decided to eliminate manual dosing by installing a fully-automated system to dispense chemicals into three 50-kg Girbau washers.

A trusted partner

Working on behalf of the operator was our client Sylvester Keal, a renowned service provider for professional laundries. Sylvester Keal, enjoying a strong, positive working relationship with SEKO following a number of successful collaborations, contacted us to specify a solution from our extensive commercial and on-premise laundry dosing range.

After carrying out a site visit to assess key aspects of the laundry operation such as washer location and water and power connection points, SEKO’s technical team recommended our Smart Evo multi-pump laundry dosing system.

SEKO solution ticks all the boxes

Smart Evo is designed for 30-100 kg washer extractors and offers flow rates from 15 – 120 l/h. With automatic formula selection and 2–16 pump solutions available, it’s among our most flexible laundry dosing systems and was the perfect fit for this application.

“A choice of high-grade squeeze tubes provides superior chemical compatibility”

Simple to install and programme, Smart Evo is a peristaltic pump system supplied with a choice of high-grade squeeze tubes depending on the chemical being dosed. The superior chemical compatibility of these premium materials, which include SekoBril, SekoExtra and Santoprene, provides resilience against abrasion, wear and fatigue for consistent performance and reduced maintenance requirement.

The system also allows wash programmes to be managed via a laptop with SEKO’s bespoke software and transferred to the Smart Evo unit, meaning for multi-site operations, current and historical data can be easily replicated across different laundries.

“A system for both the present and the future”

Along with Smart Evo’s modularity, which allows the system to be easily extended, this provided important future-proofing for the end user with further expansion of their business a strong possibility.

The client chose to add the optional SEKO flush manifold which, in combination with the boosted water supply, would help to administer doses into the washer machines quickly while simultaneously cleaning the delivery tube ahead of the next cycle.

Immediate performance improvements

SEKO’s Cleaning & Hygiene Sales Manager Lee Goddard said: “Installation was completely hassle free, which you’d expect with a Smart Evo system, and most pleasing was that the operator reported immediate performance improvements.

“They saw better, more consistent wash results, and by improving dosing accuracy and eliminating the spillages they were experiencing when adding chemical manually, they say that consumption has reduced significantly.”

Dosing times are now considerably reduced courtesy of the highly-efficient Smart Evo, which allows the laundry to carry out a greater number of daily washes. This has increased its capacity, helping the operator to better serve its clients and expand its customer base.

“Efficient dosing, improved capacity and enhanced staff safety”

And with manual dosing eliminated, employees are no longer exposed to harsh concentrated chemicals, removing the risk of skin irritation and other complaints which commonly arise from direct contact with detergents.

Another example of a SEKO solution helping customers achieve long-term, cost-effective improvements in their daily operations.

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