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Sensirion Raises the Bar for Liquid Measurement

30 Mar 2023  |
Sensirion expands the possibilities of thermal flow measurement in laboratory analytics and industry. With the help of a new design, engineers have succeeded in developing a high-flow sensor with significantly higher liquid flow rates of up to 1 liter per minute. The Swiss manufacturer is thus advancing into a new dimension of accurate flow measurement and expanding their portfolio.

Stäfa, Switzerland – Sensirion closes the gap of flow sensors for high flow rates in laboratory analysis and industry with the cost-effective SLF3S-4000B liquid flow sensor. It accurately measures flow rates up to 1 l/min with the usual quality, while measuring just 5 cm in length and weighing 7 g. 

To accurately measure high flow rates, either higher flow velocities or larger channel cross-sections are required; both factors, however, increase the likelihood of turbulence. To overcome this hydrodynamic limitation, Sensirion’s engineers employed a design trick when developing the new high-flow sensor: they laid out the new channel profile in a W-shape. This allows the MEMS chip to be positioned along the narrower side stream (with laminar flow), where it can really demonstrate its measurement performance. 

“By expanding our product portfolio, we are pursuing a one-stop-shop concept for liquid flow measurement. With the SLF3x family, we now cover the measurement range from microliters to 1 liter per minute in the same look and feel,” explains Patrick Reith, Product Manager for Liquid Flow. 

With the new SLF3S-4000B high-flow sensor, Sensirion is moving into a new measurement dimension and now covers a much wider measurement range: from microliters per minute to 1 liter per minute. With the same look and feel as the three existing flow sensors in the SLF3x family, the SLF3S-4000B offers several advantages: users can continue to use existing cables or software for readout without customization, thus eliminating the need to reprogram software. The complete liquid flow sensor portfolio benefits users who want to source all their sensor technology from one specialist in automation solutions and fluid systems. 

But this is only the beginning of the journey: Sensirion developers want to raise the bar even higher, and have their sights set on flow rates of up to 20 liters per minute. Initial field studies are already planned. 

SLF3S-4000B Highlights

  • Accurate measurement of flow rates up to 1 l/min
  • Fast response time to the smallest, most immediate changes in flow rate 
  • Digital, calibrated output signal
  • Compact,lightweight design
  • No moving parts in the flow channel
  • Cost-effective automation solution

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