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Sensirion Launches Its New SFC6000 Mass Flow Controller

Great performance, low price and attractive delivery time: the SFC6000 mass flow controller is available worldwide

Sensirion is launching a new mass flow controller. The SFC6000 is small and lightweight and it impresses with an unbeatable price–performance ratio and a very attractive delivery time. It optimizes the flow control in devices in the semiconductor industry, in analytical instruments and in industrial automation. 

The SFC6000 is Sensirion’s next-generation mass flow controller, impressing with an unbeatable price–performance ratio and a very attractive delivery time of eight weeks. While the industry is currently struggling with delivery times of 30 to 53 weeks, SFC6000 samples are available within two to four weeks. In addition, selected SFC6000 configurations (labeled SFC6000D) are available by catalog, meaning you can order them for initial testing and evaluation today and have the product in your mailbox tomorrow. 

The SFC6000 is very compact and lightweight; it therefore allows the customer to optimize their devices in terms of size and weight. This is a decisive advantage, especially for portable devices. Furthermore, it offers great performance in terms of repeatability, accuracy, control range and speed. The SFC6000 is highly integrated and has a very robust supply chain due to how few electronic components are used. It is best suited for analytical instruments (gas chromatography or bioreactors), semiconductor applications (front-opening unified pods or glass coatings and treatment) and process automation. 

Based on the principle of thermal mass measurement and using the proven CMOSens® MEMS technology, Sensirion builds revolutionary mass flow controllers with best-in-class performance and speed which – unlike most other devices on the market – do not drift and do not require in-service re-calibration. 

If you are looking for a mass flow meter, the SFM6000 is a valve-less sister variant of the SFC6000 that offers the same performance at an even lower price. 

Visit Sensirion at Pittcon (booth #739) in Philadelphia, PA, USA, March 18–22, and learn more about the product. Additional information can also be found online at 

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