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Sludge Tank Monitoring to Reduce Operating Expenditure

A leading UK water and sewage company (WASC) is seeking to optimise efficiencies in the removal and transport of sludge from remote treatment works to larger processing plants across their estate.

Traditionally sludge has been collected on a ‘milk round’ or ad hoc basis, due to minimal ability for the WASC to determine volumes of waste on site or tanker capacity requirements. This has led to an increase in responsive deployments with consequential cost and HSE implications.

Gill have been engaged to provide a monitoring solution that provides remote visibility of sludge tank levels to inform planned deployment of tanker scheduling.


Working with an established supplier of remote telemetry, GILL have deployed the 7014 WATER UTILITIES LIQUID LEVEL SENSOR in sludge tanks to deliver remote monitoring of effluent levels. This has provided the WASC an opportunity to reduce operating expenditure by increasing the efficiency of sludge collection, reducing tanker movements and optimising collections with consequential HSE benefits.

The GILL 7014 SENSOR is a contact sensor that uses conductive technology to provide accurate levels of effluent across a wide range of wastewater assets. It incorporates a cavity-free probe with a homogenous non-stick coating that makes it particularly suitable for the measurement of sludge and foul water.

In trials the GILL 7014 SENSOR was ‘benchmarked’ against a traditional ultrasonic device and was found to be equally accurate and unaffected by external factors including infestation, rain, condensation and foaming.

The GILL 7014 SENSOR is maintenance free with long term accuracy. The level measurement can be delivered over the long term without the need for cleaning or re-calibration.

The GILL 7014 SENSOR has been engineered to withstand the lateral loadings encountered in settlement tanks from effluent turbulence, and the stainless-steel mounting makes it able to survive extreme environmental conditions.

The GILL 7014 SENSOR has a low installation and maintenance cost. The sensor mount requires no construction work and the sensor can operate for at least two years on battery power.

The GILL 7014 SENSOR has now been selected for wider deployment as part of an ongoing project which will ultimately see some 200 sites monitored remotely.


The GILL 7014 SENSOR provides significant benefits over traditional sensor technologies:

  • Eliminates false or inaccurate readings caused by residue build up
  • No periodic cleaning or maintenance required
  • Provides reliable and consistent measurement
  • Low installation and lifetime costs
  • Unaffected by turbulence or foaming on sludge surfaces

7014 Waste Liquid Level Sensor

  • Suitable for all conductive liquids, viscous, slurries & corrosive fluids
  • Non-stick FEP coating
  • Continuous measurement over full sensor range
  • Compensates for irregular shaped tanks
  • No holes to block
  • No moving parts

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