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Tapflo Introduces the PTL 22 Peristaltic Pump, Offering Industry Efficiency and Customization

21 Jun 2024  |
The peristaltic pumps market is changing, as businesses aim to improve industrial processes and space utilization.

It is essential to maintain a balance between ergonomics and functional design. Clients often look for answers involving motors installed vertically, which can make choosing the right pump size quite difficult. Tapflo’s latest peristaltic pump, the PTL 22, fills the size gap and creates opportunities.

Tapflo, company of Swedish origin and Poland-based factory renowned for its high-quality production line and seasoned experts, has introduced a new model to its extensive range of hose pumps: the PTL 22. This launch represents a significant advancement in the market, offering unique benefits that set it apart from competitors. The PTL 22 model fills the space between the PTL 17 and PTL 25, offering versatility and accuracy for sectors like pharmaceuticals, water treatment, food, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Industry benefits from efficiency and customization.

As a member of the PTL series with low-pressure capabilities, the PTL 22 provides a dependable and effective option for a variety of sectors. Ideal for use in pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and cosmetics due to its sturdy aluminium casing and FDA-approved silicone grease.  Additionally hose assemblies are certified, fully traceable, and are PED & ATEX-compliant. New PTL mode with its compact design, featuring standard vertical gearmotors, makes it one of the most space-efficient options available. One of the key advantages of Tapflo’s hose pumps, including the PTL 22, is their maintenance simplicity. These pumps operate without valves, seals, or glands, reducing the complexity and cost of upkeep.

Hose pumps – solution for abrasive and viscous mediums

The flexible hoses within the Tapflo hose pumps allow for the smooth flow of abrasive, corrosive, and viscous media, handling even the most challenging liquids with viscosities up to 100,000 cP. It is clear that challenging mediums for transports match with peristaltic pumps. Examples? Tapflo supplied a peristaltic pump from the PT series to a customer who required efficient plaster pumping.  Tapflo decided that the best choice here would be a peristaltic pump from the PT series for high pressure (up to 15 bar), but equipped it with additional and practical accessories. The pump was installed onto a cart with a specialized vacuum system and extra accessories, creating a steady and effective flow.

Wide range of pump sizes, accessories and solutions.  

Tapflo provides complimentary testing of their pumps and flow solutions before purchase, allowing customers to optimize their selection for specific applications. This “try and buy” approach demonstrates their dedication to providing the best possible solutions. Furthermore, Tapflo’s extensive stock capacity, encompassing a comprehensive inventory of hoses, gears, and various critical components, drastically mitigates delivery times, ensuring prompt availability of necessary parts. The DPT pulsation suppressor is also a novelty developed by Tapflo. This additional accessory will reduce pulsation by up to 80 percent. It also works well with liquids with particles up to 20 percent of the inner hose diameter and has certified design In accordance with the European PED Directive 2014/68/EU.

Summing up, the PTL 22 fills a crucial size gap between existing models, enhancing Tapflo’s ability to offer precise transfer and dosing applications. Its sealed housing ensures cleanliness and safety, even in the event of a hose rupture, making it a reliable choice for maintaining a clean working environment. Moreover new model highlights Tapflo’s continuous innovation and dedication to meeting customer needs with high-quality, customizable pump solutions.

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