TECAM to Showcase its Vent Gas Treatment Systems and Vapour Recovery Units for the Tank Storage Sector at StocExpo 2022

The Spanish environmental technology company TECAM will be participating at StocExpo 2022 as an exhibitor in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 23-25 May 2022. TECAM will be showcasing its environmental technology for vent gas treatment as well as for vapour recovery for the tank storage industry in Europe.

Tecam is the expert technology partner for the elimination of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), NOx, SOx, methane, as well as odours generated during loading and unloading of hydrocarbons at tank farms. 

Tecam also offers vapour recovery units for hydrocarbon recovery at tank farms, offering product recovery, which implies an economical advantage. 

Tecam offers turn-key technology solutions, managing the whole project from the phases of design, assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance service of the equipment, which is designed custom-made to meet 100% customers’ specific requirements. Tecam has vast and proven experience in the chemical, oil & gas and petrochemical sectors and is helping the tank storage sector with emissions elimination and vapour recovery. Each industry has its own specific technical requirements, and Tecam has the experience and the know-how to offer the most suitable solution to each case. 

Come & visit us at stand J13. As an expert partner of emissions elimination technology and vapour recovery, Tecam will put its expertise at the service of visitors attending StocExpo 2022, to help the tank storage industry solve their needs regarding emissions generated during their loading and unloading of hydrocarbons, and thus contributing to protecting people and the environment. 

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Tecam Group offers advanced environmental technology solutions for the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds VOC emissions derived from production processes from the Industry: Exhaust Gas Emission Treatment:

    • Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC emissions treatment, through the following technology:
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