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Amarinth Delivers Low-Shear Nutshell Filtration Pumps to Arabian Industries

8 Jun 2020  |
Amarinth, a leading company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, LNG, chemical, industrial, power and desalination markets, has delivered an order of pumps to Arabian Industries for a nutshell filtration system at Sonatrach’s Tinrhert Field Development Project, Algeria.

Amarinth has delivered an order of close coupled ATEX compliant horizontal pumps with Plan 13 seal support systems to Arabian Industries, a leading EPC, based in Oman, for a nutshell filtration system being installed in the Tinrhert Field Development Project in south-eastern Algeria. The Tinrhert Fields, which are being developed by Sonatrach, the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in Algeria and Africa, comprise seventeen wet gas fields located around 1,500 kilometres southeast of Algiers. 

Arabian Industries approached Amarinth to provide the pumps following several successful projects the two companies had worked on previously. The water produced by the drilling operations is contaminated with oil and so must go through a separation package to remove the oil.

Nutshell filters are used in the final cleaning phase to capture any last remaining oil so that the water can be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. The challenge for nutshell filtration to work optimally and capture the last remaining oil is that the pump supplying the process water to the filters must exhibit excellent low shear properties so that the oil and water is not emulsified.

Amarinth has a range of low-shear centrifugal pumps that are proven in use across numerous nutshell filtration systems around the world. The duplex stainless steel pumps and their Plan 13 seal support systems for the Sonatrach project were delivered successfully on an aggressive 26-week schedule that spanned the Christmas period and which included the requisite NDT and NDE witness testing.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, commented: “We are delighted that Arabian Industries once again turned to Amarinth for these pumps underlining the technical excellence of our products, our agility to deliver on short lead times, and the close working relationship and trust we have fostered with many of the end-users, EPCs and contractors delivering oil and gas projects around the world.”

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