AT Range: Bernard Controls Its Innovative Solution for Power, Water, and Industry Application

Discover the SWITCH version of our weatherproof multi-turn actuator AT range, redesigned to offer even easier and faster settings

The weatherproof multi-turn actuator AT range has been improved. We redesigned the cameblock to ensure even easier and faster settings. In less than 2 min and with a standard screwdriver, you can precisely set the limit switches. 

Reliability is ensured thanks to a mechanical blocking system unaffected by vibrations, always giving you the highest accuracy. 

Available with various options, you can configure the perfect AT SWITCH to your needs. 

Discover the entire AT range of Bernard Controls

  • easy to install
  • robust and compact
  • flexible and modular

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BERNARD CONTROLS is one of the world leaders in electric actuation. We are number one in the Nuclear market and close partner of the most demanding markets: Power Generation, Water, Industries, Oil & Gas. Our Group relies on a strong international network made up of 4 Operating Areas which gathers 16 Operating Units, 2 Manufacturing Units and a ...