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Chell’s Environmental Chamber Puts Gas Meters Through Real-World Paces

12 Oct 2020  |
Gas control and measurement experts Chell Instruments have launched a new Environmental Chamber which allows gas meters to be tested using hazardous gases.

The GMTS2000 builds on the success of the company’s line of gas meter test equipment and enables safe testing using flammable and explosive gases which better represent the gases which meters are intended to carry.

Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director at Chell Instruments, says “Manufacturers want to test their products in as close to real-world conditions as possible as well as on worst-case scenarios. With the GMTS, they can safely use hazardous gases whilst running the range of flow rates and temperature variables they need.”

Whilst most testing and calibration apparatus utilises air and other low-risk gases, the new system incorporates several risk-assessed features which make it safe for more volatile and combustible gases.

Within the chamber, gas meters and other devices can be tested using air, nitrogen, hydrogen or methane, at temperatures ranging from -30 to +70 degrees centigrade and flow rates from 20sccm (0.0012 M3/Hr) to 480 slpm (28.8 M3/Hr).

The Environmental Chamber also allows the fitment of varying types and quantities of gas meters by employing purpose built internal racks.

“With gas companies looking at new ways to ‘dose’ gas supplies with other gases, we wanted to develop a safe and adaptive environment in which they can test products now and in the future” adds Jamie.

To help reduce carbon emissions, international gas suppliers are investigating mixing low levels of hydrogen with traditional natural gas. Chell’s new Environmental Chamber allow gas meter manufacturers to experiment and assess the performance of their products.

A GMTS2000 Environmental Chamber system has already been supplied to a commercial gas meter manufacturer in Asia. Given Covid-19 restrictions, Chell are also providing the company with complete remote support to enable comprehensive commissioning and training.

Jamie concludes “Not being able to jump on a train or plane to support our clients is something we’ve all had to adapt to. However, as we are so customer-focused, we’ve simply embedded more support technology in our products and made ourselves available whenever our clients need help.”

Established over 40 years, Chell Instruments has become one of the global leaders in high-precision gas measurement and control equipment. Their systems are employed in aircraft development, Formula 1 and various industries which blend gases with high precision, such as pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.

For more information on the GMTS2000 Environmental Chamber, please visit or contact Chell on 01692 500555.

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