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Customized Rotary Lobe Pumps for Almost Any Application

26 Nov 2020  |
In almost all industrial sectors, you can find Börger rotary lobe pumps that are used for conveying demanding media. It does not matter, if the pumped medium is liquid or viscous, pure or solids-laden, abrasive or chemically aggressive.

But why is it that the rotary lobe pumps of the German pump specialist are suitable for so many different applications? 

Börger GmbH has been manufacturing high-quality rotary lobe pumps for several decades. All pumps are manufactured at the headquarters in Germany with 245 employees working there and 340 worldwide. Products are distributed through 10 subsidiaries and more than 60 dealers around the world. What makes the compact positive displacement pumps so versatile? Anne Börger-Olthoff, managing director of Börger GmbH explains: “Hardly any pump is like the other at Börger. Each pump is manufactured using a modular principle, so that it is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of the specific application. 

The correct pump size for every single application is selected from the two product series BLUEline and ONIXline with 24 pump sizes and flow rates of 1 to 1,600 m³/h. Then it is time for the configuration. All pump components are selected exactly according to the requirements of the pumped medium and the customer. Rotors in different geometric designs and made of a wide range of different materials, pump casings made of gray cast iron, steel casting, stainless steel or Hastelloy and different sealing systems only give an idea of the wide variety of Börger rotary lobe pumps. But it does not end here. 

“We see ourselves not only as a mere pump manufacturer any more but offer our customers complete solutions,” says Anne Börger-Olthoff. In addition to the rotary lobe pump itself, Börger also manufactures the pump unit components and offers ready-to-connect solutions. The pump units are supplied from a single source. Börger designs and produces the base frame, the pump technology, the monitoring sensor system and the control technology themselves − in line with the customer’s requirements and with perfectly matched components. 

Thanks to this individuality, Börger rotary lobe pumps are perfectly suited for the most diverse pumping tasks. 

Application example 1:

Long-shaft pumps 

A customer from Kazakhstan empties its underground storage tanks by means of Börger long shaft pumps. The pumps convey fuel and oil/water mixtures. The mineral oil company decided against dry installation of the self-priming Börger pumps as the temperatures drop far below the freezing temperature in winter in Kazakhstan. The pumps should be installed in the tank where they are protected against frost three meters underground. Submerged and semi-submerged pumps are normally used if dry installation is not possible due to the NPSH value of the plant. 

The pumps are completely submerged. A long-shaft coupling connects the pump with the drive attached outside of the tank. Unlike other semi-submerged pumps, the coupling bar does not come into contact with the pumped medium which results in longer service life. Alternatively, Börger rotary lobe pumps can be designed as submerged pumps with submerged drive. 

Application example 2:

ONIXline rotary lobe pump for conveying a polymer solution 

A specialty chemicals company wanted to increase the capacity of its plant for the production of a polymer solution. To this end, the company needed a powerful pump to convey the finished product from the production plant to the storage tank. The medium has a temperature of 80 °C and a viscosity of between 6,500 and 8,000 mPas. During the pumping process, pressures of up to 11 bar are generated. The pump must be permanently technically tight pursuant to TA-Luft and suitable for installation in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The chemical company opted for an ATEX-compliant Börger ONIXline rotary lobe pump and was impressed by the sophisticated design and the possibility to install different sealing systems in the large sealing area. 

The positive displacement pump is equipped with single-acting mechanical seals as cartridge versions. In order to comply with the TA-Luft requirements, the quench chamber of the seals is connected to a pressure-monitored quench container. 

The chemical company is very satisfied with the Börger pump. The production capacity could be increased and the pump has been operating without interruptions since its installation. Replacing the wear parts has not been necessary so far. 

Maintenance in Place 

If this will be necessary one day, access to all wetted parts through the quick-release cover of the pump is possible very easily. This idea is called “Maintenance in Place” (MIP) at Börger as all maintenance work can be done at the pump installation site without the need to remove piping and the drive system. This way, the Börger pumps are like in a new condition within a very short time. 

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