DEBEM AODD pumps for the oil industry

DEBEM AODD pumps for the oil industry

For these reasons, the oil sector requires robust and versatile pumping solutions that DEBEM is clearly able to offer. The many years of experience of DEBEM in the petrochemical sector allow us to offer cutting-edge design solutions capable of supporting the customer in all design phases.

The different types of drilling applications

In order to understand the requirements of diaphragm pumps used in the petrochemical sector, we make a distinction between the different types of applications related to the oil sector. Specifically, the petrochemical sector includes all activities related to the exploration, extraction, refining and transport of petroleum products (fuel oil, gasoline, etc.). Exploration and drilling activities are managed through:

Onshore applications: drilling and extraction plants are managed onshore and moved by land transport. The wells, with different drilling profiles, are placed near each other by slightly moving the drilling rig.

Offshore Applications: Mining activities are located off the coast. Operators drill beneath the seabed using thin steel pipes and other tools that connect to create a puncture sting.

The oil industry requires high safety standards due to the numerous risks: operators work every day with highly flammable chemicals or are faced with the threat of a well with excessive pressure that can lead to a sudden explosion. Furthermore, the plants are often located in difficult-to-access positions that make the installation and transport of equipment very complex to manage.

Application advantages of diaphragm pumps in the petrochemical sector

Double diaphragm pumps used in the petrochemical sector favor the increase in plant performance and energy efficiency while optimizing the production process. Furthermore, the construction and design characteristics of the diaphragm pump perfectly adhere to the rigid safety protocols required by the sector. All these factors contribute to lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, increased operational safety and increased productivity. Specifically, the advantages of AODD technology in the petrochemical sector are the following:

Double diaphragm pumps are an ideal solution for handling high-density fluids. The versatility of the construction materials allows the handling of corrosive fluids and abrasive products. The AODD technology works reliably and is capable of handling highly volatile hydrocarbons, viscous fluids, and aggressive liquids mixed with solid particles.

The only energy source required for the operation of the AODD pump is compressed air. In this way the pump can work without electricity or fuel, thus eliminating any type of risk due to the use of flammable or explosive substances.

Diaphragm pumps have completely sealed product chambers, thanks to the special profile of the membranes, in this way AODD pumps are considered a very safe technology for pumping a wide range of liquids, including some of the most dangerous chemicals.

The dimensional characteristics of the diaphragm pumps allow to manage the pump transport and activation activities in a simple and immediate way without the need for expensive installation and handling operations.

DEBEM double diaphragm pumps are ATEX and IECEx certified and are suitable for installations within areas with high explosive risk.

Applications of AODD pumps in the petrochemical sector

Double diaphragm pneumatic pumps can be used within the petrochemical sector to manage the following activities:

  • Transfer of fuels and hydrocarbons.
  • Transfer and recirculation of glycol.
  • Liquid refining operations.
  • Coolant handling operations.
  • Disposal of condensed hydrocarbon residues.
  • Injections of corrosion inhibitors.
  • Unloading of drums and tanks.
  • Emptying of mud and drilling residues.
  • Processing of the water produced by the plant.


Deben double diaphragm pumps for the petrochemical sector are designed according to the specific needs of operators. DEBEM pumping solutions guarantee high plant productivity at reduced maintenance costs and greater operational safety. Our diaphragm pumps for the petroleum industry are built to ATEX and IECEx standards, which is why many of the world’s leading companies rely on the efficiency and productivity of Debem pumping systems. Contact our sales team now to understand the technology that best suits your needs.

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