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Integrated Pumping Systems Make Plant Management Easier

Integrated Pumping Systems Make Plant Management Easier
24 Feb 2023  |
Termomeccanica Pompe, the latest addition to the Trillium Flow Technologies pump brand portfolio, specializes in designing and manufacturing engineered pump solutions customized to each customer's project.

The proposed solutions can be highly integrated since the brand can offer complete pumping systems inclusive of all the components critical to their operation – whether installed on the pump skid or outside it. This system integration capability brings a key benefit to customers: dealing with a single, expert partner that can truly add value to their projects throughout their product life cycle, from design to maintenance.

The following case gives a specific example of what systems integration means for Trillium Flow Technologies customers.

Trillium Flow Technologies supplied Termomeccanica Pompe complex main surface water injection pumping units comprising related auxiliary components for the water injection clusters of an onshore oil field upgrade project.

Each pump skid was composed of a horizontal between bearings, radially split API 610 BB5-type pump in super-duplex material, an electric motor, and two auxiliary sealing systems plan 53B with forced air cooling, refilled by a single automatic top-up unit. Two pumps were driven by a fixed-speed electric motor, while a variable-speed electric motor drove the third.

One of the main reasons Termomeccanica Pompe’s products were chosen for this particular job was the capacity to supply additional auxiliary systems located outside of the main pump skids. Integration was vital to ensuring maximum flexibility and optimization of the water injection service in the field:

  • the API 614 lube oil system unit with API 661 forced air coolers;
  • the logic and control of the main parameters of the equipment, performed bya unit control panel with its associated machine monitoring system;
  • a 24-pulse frequency converter in accordance with Shell DEP specifications that modulates the speed of the electric motor to supply the quantity of water needed by the customer;
  • an oil-cooled transformer with input voltage to the primary winding of 33 kV.

Termomeccanica Pompe called on its R&D Department to perform roto dynamics analyses and optimize pump design as well as the sizing of the auxiliary systems to take into consideration the operations of the pumps at variable speed and under extreme external climate conditions, with temperatures reaching up to 58 degrees Celcius.

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