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Measure Flow Accurately without Contacting the Working Fluid

Measure Flow Accurately without Contacting the Working Fluid
VERNON HILLS, IL - Masterflex Ultrasonic Flow Sensors, from Cole-Parmer, accurately and noninvasively measure the flow rate of liquid in tubing used with peristaltic pumps.

The ultrasonic sensor never contacts the working fluid, making it reusable in single-use applications and yielding significant recurring savings over disposable sensors. An optional communications package allows users to adapt the flow sensor to their specific application, and also monitor and record data.

Each sensor is optimized for Masterflex tubing sizes and comes calibrated to national measurement standards for Masterflex platinum-cured silicone tubing formulations and water-like fluids. The sensor can be adapted for use with other working fluids or Masterflex tubing materials of the same size with the optional communications package. This sensor is perfect for monitoring flow rates during mixing, filling, fermentation, perfusion and filtration applications, delivering more reliability and accuracy than ever before.

The optional communications package lets the user adapt the flow sensor for their specific application, and then monitor and record data. Sensor parameters can be adjusted including tubing material, working fluid and temperature to calibrate for the application. Data can be monitored in realtime graphically, or can be recorded and exported to analyze the process later. The sensor connects directly to a computer or to any meter or controller that accepts RS-485, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 kHz, or PNP-NPN push-pull inputs.

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