Oxygen Approval for GEMÜ Butterfly Valves

A special version of the GEMÜ R480 Victoria butterfly valve series from Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ is approved with immediate effect for the medium of oxygen.

In the design for the medium of oxygen, all media wetted seal materials and auxiliary materials (lubricants and screw locking agents) from the Victoria butterfly valve series have been tested and approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). Unsuitable oils and greases can lead to the development of fires, which is why all media wetted components must be cleaned accordingly.

The examination for BAM approval was based on the DIN EN 1797 and ISO 21010 standard. Approval is limited to the use of gaseous oxygen at a maximum operating temperature of 60 °C and a pressure of 15 bar. The butterfly valves of the GEMÜ R480 Victoria series approved for oxygen applications are recognizable by the special function O. The approval refers to EPDM seal material code E and stainless steel disc material code A.

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