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AMETEK Magnetrol Introduces the Pulsar® Model R80 – 80 GHz Radar Level Transmitter

23 Aug 2022  |

AMETEK Magnetrol’s new Pulsar Model R80 radar level transmitter exemplifies the famous line: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Building upon the company’s leading radar technology portfolio, Magnetrol now offers an 80 GHz radar transmitter for the industrial market.

FMCW technology and an 80 GHz operating frequency allow for superior performance, smaller antennas, better accuracy, and enhanced resolution. Additionally, Magnetrol’s configuration wizards and proactive diagnostics make commissioning and troubleshooting easier than ever. As is typical with Magnetrol loop-powered devices, the transmitter housingmay be separated from the antenna without disrupting the process seal.

As for applications, the Model R80 is minimally affected by turbulence, foam, or excessive vapors as is often the case with ultrasonic transmitters and some radar products. The smaller antennas and narrower beam angles allow it to be installed into vessels with smaller process connections and those with internal obstructions that must be avoided.

Here are some highlights of the new Model R80:

  • 80 GHz signal with beam angles as narrow as 4 degrees
  • Process connections down to ¾ inch NPT
  • Measuring range of 30 meters (100 feet)
  • Software wizards to walk a new user through the commissioning process
  • Proactive diagnostics to not only advise what the problem is but also offers troubleshooting tips
  • Replaceable transmitter head without breaking the process seal (i.e., pressure boundary)
  • SIL 2 compliant with 92.3% SFF
  • Global hazardous location approvals
  • FCC, ETSI, and ISED communications approvals for use on both indoor and outdoor vessels

For more information on the Pulsar Model R80 and the rest of Magnetrol’s award-winning radar products, visit

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