Reliable Lubrication Without Lubricating

Reliable Lubrication Without Lubricating
2 Jul 2021  |
In applications as diverse as metal machining and food production, it is necessary to apply cooling lubricants, grease, oil, alcoholic solutions, and many other fluids to surfaces and components.

In contrast to conventional nozzle systems, the spray heads from HPM Technologie ensure precise distribution of the exact amount of the required fluid, for low consumption. The supply of compressed air and liquids to the spray heads is achieved with high-quality all-metal push-in fittings from Eisele.

For more than 70 years the German company HPM Technologie GmbH has been constructing state-of-the-art spray heads for minimal lubrication in high-precision dosing applications for all types of fluids.

Advantages for costs, production and environment

The essential advantage of minimal lubrication is the enormous reduction of the lubricant quantities used compared with conventional cooling lubricant systems and concepts. Processes that use minimal lubrication require only a few milliliters per hour. The minimal application of fluid also reduces the environmental impact, operating costs, and system contamination. According to the Bureau of Statistics, cooling lubricant costs makeup 8 to 16 % of the total costs in metal machining processes and therefore represent a relevant cost pool that can be significantly reduced by using a modern minimal lubrication system.

Advantages due to low-maintenance components

To minimize maintenance and maximize user-friendliness, the spray heads at HPM Technologie are supplied with media using connection components from EISELE GmbH. The German company has more than 80 years of experience in high-quality all-metal push-in fittings for use with compressed air, gases, coolants, vacuum, and liquids. Since 2013, Eisele has already been HPM’s primary supplier of connection components. This turns out to have been a good choice: “Eisele simply has excellent products, both visually and functionally,” says Steffen Hoffmann, member of management, in describing the cooperation with Eisele.

Guaranteed solid connections

For supplying the spray heads with lubricant for minimal lubrication, the company uses straight push-in fittings of nickel-plated brass with a release sleeve from Series 14 and 14A of the Eisele BASICLINE. Although the push-in fittings on the spray heads are labeled, Eisele also equips them with a blue-coded aluminum sleeve, which unmistakably shows where to connect the blue tube. The push-in fittings with a release sleeve feature a larger gripping surface for the release of the tube as compared with a simple release ring. This is especially advantageous in applications that use oils or cooling lubricants in which components near the drill or milling head – despite the high level of precision – can be covered with a spray medium. For the smaller spray heads of the LEO series, HPM Technologie uses products from Series 10 of the Eisele BASICLINE. In these straight push-in fittings of black passivated brass, a union nut holds the tube.

LEO series – advanced spray technology

With the universal LEO spray head, the spray quantity is set by means of a graduated drum, without the use of tools. This not only makes it possible to check the setting for the quantity at any time but also to adjust the setting. Any changes are immediately visible and can be corrected accordingly. For unchanging parameters (fluid, spray, and fluid pressure) the quantity is always 100% reproducible. The outgoing supply line is positioned at a 90° angle to the spray head. All spray heads are available separately or as a spray head group. The spray head group for the low-pressure range from 0.5 – 2.5 bar includes air and fluid connections with a check valve for the distributor, with air consumption of 2 – 5.5 l/min.

The spray system, PPJ, especially features an innovative design. Independent regulation of the fluid and spray air pressure in the PPJ valve and tank assembly make it possible to achieve outstanding results even with high-viscosity media. It can supply up to six spray heads and is available with three tank sizes for a very space-saving installation. The system is suitable both for installation as original equipment as well as for retrofitting of machines. The PPJ system can be set to a maximum viscosity of 2,300 mm²/s at 20°C or 500 mm²/s at 40°C.

Advantages over conventional lubrication

The advantages of minimal lubrication in processes such as thread cutting or milling are obvious: cooling lubricant consumption is much lower and, when dosed correctly, workpieces and machines require only minimal cleaning. It also eliminates the need for recovery of the cooling lubricant emulsion and chips, as well as disposal of residual matter. Other benefits include higher cutting speeds and better surface quality.

For applications that require other spray heads than the series models, HPM Technologie develops custom solutions. In connection with all-metal push-in fittings from Eisele, spray heads manufactured by HPM Technologie are also used in the food industry as well as in the printing industry.

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