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Icing on the Cake for Mobile Strudel Production

Icing on the Cake for Mobile Strudel Production
15 Sep 2022  |
Sweet and spicy strudels are produced according to traditional recipes in Vienna – the WANGEN PUMPEN VarioTwin NG guarantees that they are filled perfectly

Our customer produces around 800 kilometres of strudel every year in Austria – which equates approximately to the distance from Vienna to Rome. Traditional recipes and natural ingredients ensure the excellent taste of the classic desserts. The bakery specialist relies on the WANGEN PUMPEN VarioTwin NG screw pump to fill its various strudel products. Our sales partner Sonnek Engineering GmbH added the ‘icing on the cake’, as it were, by configuring the pump as a mobile pump at the customer’s request.

Gastronomic culture: Viennese apple strudel

Empress Maria Theresia is said to have enthused about apple strudel back in the 18th century. Traditionally filled with chunks of apple, roasted breadcrumbs and raisins, finely seasoned to taste with cinnamon and sugar, the pastry still enjoys great popularity today. Our customer in Austria continuously produces different strudels around the clock five days a week, in compliance with the most exacting quality standards. Apart from apple strudel, our customer also produces curd cheese strudels or savoury strudels, some with a spinach filling.

The challenge: perfect filling combined with cost-effective production

High viscosity (>100,000 mPas), sticky and with a high sugar content – this is how the delicious filling for apple strudel reaches the production line. Even after further transport on the prepared strudel dough, the fruit mass needs to retain its composition with chunks of up to 12 millimetres. Up to now, the large- scale baker tried to achieve this with a conveyor belt. The system has now been successfully converted to the VarioTwin NG – the volumes are now transported ultra-gently in batches of between one and three cubic metres per hour.

Custom solution: the mobile pump

Our long-standing Austrian sales partner Sonnek Engineering GmbH converted the VarioTwin NG pump to a mobile unit on wheels (including PLC control) at the customer’s request. Project business is a key part of the Sonnek’s business. A specialist team of engineers at the company adapts pumps to customers’ individual requirements.

To summarise: The combination of the WANGEN Twin NG pump with the Vario Twin NG additional module is an optimum solution for sensitive products in the food sector. High-viscosity and non-free- flowing products, as well as products containing solid chunks in particular, are transported reliably and energy-efficiently. Sensitive and shear-sensitive recipes, like the chunky filling for apple strudel, are handled gently to guarantee the continuous high quality of the product.

Technical data

The CIP, SIP or EHEDG-approved models of the pump series developed specifically for the food industry guarantee maximum safety when cleaning.

  • Capacity: max. 10 m3/h
  • Temperature: max. +90 °C
  • Viscosity : up to 3,000,000 mPas
  • All materials are FDA-compliant and wetted parts are manufactured in 1.4571/1.4404
  • Hygiene-optimised design with minimal dead space
  • Infeed for the WANGEN Twin NG series 104 and 130

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