The WANGEN VarioTwin NG Twin Screw Pump Guarantees the Conveyance of Non-Flowing Viscous Media in the Food Industry

20 Jul 2021  |
The WANGEN VarioTwin NG is ideal for the gentle pumping of high-viscosity, slow-moving media and is the patented addition to the WANGEN Twin NG twin screw pump. An additional module with a hopper and screw conveyor, available in variable lengths, is simple and effective to clean, and ideally configured to the respective application and your needs.

Dough, fruit and sugar masses repeatedly pose major challenges for pumps.

High-viscosity, pasty ingredients (with viscosities of up to 1000.000 mPa) need to be gently conveyed in the system. Problems and failures often arise, because bread, cake, leftover mixture, yeast solutions, filling compounds as well as thick fruit, vegetable, and sugar masses, cannot be drawn in, and the medium cannot be guaranteed to free flow into the pump inlet. For many years, companies worldwide have relied on the performance of WANGEN hygiene pumps for metering in manufacturing processes.

The WANGEN Vario Twin NG all-metal pump is ideally suited for these applications in hygienic environments and in ATEX zones and has already been successfully used for a number of years by many well-known food and supplement manufacturers. It is a combination of a screw conveyor enclosed within a housing with a variable-speed drive unit and a twin-screw pump, which gently conveys the medium at pressures of up to 28 bar. The entire process is ensured in the pump by means of non-contact conveying elements with an almost wear-free operation. And special applications, such as the inline mixing of sourdough, do not present a problem either.

The high-viscosity material is fed into the large hopper housing and transported through the screw conveyor into the suction side of the twin-screw pump, and then pumped onward into the pressure-side pipe. Due to the independent drive units of the screw conveyor and the pump, which run separately from each other, a further side-effect is that the material is mixed in the hopper housing, due to the movement and deliberate over conveying of the medium.

Convincing benefits and properties:

  • Variable-length hoppers are available, ideally tailored to the application and needs
  • “Coreless” screw provides for the backflow of excess material
  • Pressures up to 28 bar
  • Ultra-gentle conveying
  • Simple, effective cleaning (CIP-capable).
  • The Drive unit for the feed screw in the hopper is separately controllable.
  • Funnel-shaped adapter element connects the feed unit to the WANGEN Twin NG Non-contact, rotating parts ensure the almost wear-free operation and provide additional dry-running safety
  • Low energy consumption due to energy-efficient screw geometry
  • Minimal downtimes for maintenance work
  • Heated housing components are available

Possible uses:

  • High-viscosity dough and mixtures in the baking industry
  • Fruit (e.g. strawberries), even frozen
  • Vegetables, such as potatoes
  • Thick mixtures in the juice industry, fruit and vegetable pulp, and marc
  • High-viscosity chocolate mass, waffle reworking, marzipan, or sugar masses
  • High-viscosity dairy products, such as curd cheese
  • Media containing pulp, as well as additives in ice cream production and pectin production
  • High-viscosity soy products (e.g. Okara)
  • Meat-based products, including raw reconstituted meat mass, minced meat, sausage meat or animal feed
  • Pasty substances from hygienic and chemical processes

Pump sizes and models:

  • VarioTwin NG 104, VarioTwin NG 130 with variable spindle gradients
  • Different hopper dimensions: 600 x 400 mm and 450 x 400 mm
  • Delivery rates of up to 20 m³/h depending on the viscosity of the medium
  • ATEX models for mixtures to which alcohol may have been added

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