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Sydney Water Chose HAWK As Their Level Measurement Provider 

8 Mar 2022  |
Sydney Water is Australia’s largest water utility, providing water, wastewater, recycled water and some stormwater to Greater Sydney. They came to Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) looking for a solution with their secondary clarifier measurement.

HAWK recommended the 450khz Sultan Sonar System on their secondary clarifier at the Sydney Water Waste Water Treatment Plant. HAWK’s Sultan Sonar uses advanced sonar technology with interface level measurement to measure and control waste water clarifiers and thickeners. The Sultan Sonar System is capable of measuring the sludge bed level at the bottom of a clarifier or the lightest flocculent layer. 

Since installation, the sensors have been accurately measuring the fine interface in the secondary clarifier. Syndey Water’s Process Engineers are extremely satisfied with the reliability and accuracy of the HAWK Sultan Sonar System. 


Sultan Sonar System 

  • Increase clarifier processing efficiencies 
  • Increase thickener and clarifier capacity 
  • Produces drier biomass and optimization of sludge dewatering 
  • Overflow clarity improvements 
  • Reduces process downtime

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