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Rodelta Pumps International

Rodelta Pumps International b.v. is a Dutch pump manufacturing company that is technology driven and market-oriented. We offer products for flood control, irrigation, drinking water, waste water, pulp & paper, power, chemical, oil & gas and general industries. Since 1946.

The history of Rodelta
In 1868 the family Stork started manufacturing pumps in the east of the Netherlands. For decades the company was successful in both standard and engineering pumps. The destructions of World War II provided a huge demand for pumps. During those days the company was mainly focused on the engineered products. Two engineers from Stork “Ing. G. Zijlstra and Mr.L. Bood” who believed in the power of standard products decided to start their own company by the name of “Delta Pompen”. In 1946 they started production in the former N.V. Nive’ complex in Hengelo, the Netherlands. In addition to the assembly and testing they also had their own foundry which provided a competitive advantage in those days.

In 1947 the first pump was produced at Delta Pompen and used for agriculture application. More than 1000 pumps were produced by the company during the first year of production. The product portfolio was increasing with pumps suitable for the drinking water, petrochemical and pulp and paper markets.

At that time, more than 125 full-time employees were working at Delta Pompen. In 1970 the Swiss company Sulzer Pumps expressed interest in a merger with Delta Pompen. Delta Pompen continued its successful expansion and went through a metamorphosis; old structures making place for new offices, new production facilities and new product designs.

Decades of 80’s and 90’s saw a lot of consolidation in the pump industry worldwide and in Europe in particular. Rodelta too went through changes in its structure and it was acquired in July 2015 by the Kirloskar Pompen BV.

What can you expect from us
At Rodelta Pumps International we always think of benefit to the customer, in terms of how we differentiate ourselves in the market (distinctive vision). That means we dare to compare ourselves with the best in class. Our target is to relieve customers from engineering problems and offer total system solutions.

Pumps are often customized. Choosing the right pump is essential and hence Rodelta University provides knowledge, training and assistance to its clients for years of trouble free products/solutions.

We believe that our responsibility begins with advising the right pump based on system criteria as the pump is the heart of the system. Part of providing solutions is continuous support after supply of the equipment. Rodelta Pumps International not only produces, it also provides service like maintenance, repairs, upgradation, spare parts and system engineering. Our organization and resources are heavily focused on the care of the complete pump function for our customers. One endeavor is to provide pump systems that operate smoothly, predictably and at lower cost.

Rodelta Pumps International
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