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McCrometer, Inc. Announces New Wafer-Style Flow Meters

McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently announced the expanded line sizes of their existing popular products, the Dura Mag® and Ultra Mag® flow meters.

Serving the agriculture, oil and gas, municipal, and industrial verticals, McCrometer has innovated in flow measurement devices since 1955. The launch of the Ultra Mag in 2007 and the Dura Mag in 2017 to the electromagnetic (mag) product line further expanded McCrometer’s ability to solve customer issues other manufacturers could not. Both mag meters are coated with McCrometer’s proprietary NSF-approved UltraLiner™, the fusion-bonded epoxy that provides superior electrical insulation and protection against corrosion and abrasion.

Newly engineered in response to customer interest, the wafer-style Dura Mag is offered in 2- and 3- inch line sizes, ideal for drip irrigation, surface water, and other agricultural flow applications. The wafer-style Dura Mag offers many of the same benefits as the larger line sizes, such as the five-year full meter warranty including batteries, long lifespan, and the UltraLiner which eliminates risk of delamination and tearing.

The wafer-style Ultra Mag is a redesign of the existing flanged 2- and 3- inch product, significantly reducing the meter’s footprint as well as overall cost, while still maintaining unprecedented accuracy and reliability for municipal and industrial customers.

“The wafer-style mag meters allow McCrometer to serve a wide variety of flow applications across verticals,” comments Memphis Huff V, product manager for McCrometer’s mag meter product suite. “The new wafer-style Dura Mag and Ultra-Mag provides users with accurate, undisrupted flow measurement data so they can effectively manage their resources.”

The wafer-style Dura Mag is accompanied by a battery-powered converter, eliminating the need for cables or external power. It also includes five years of data storage, so irrigators and growers can access the meter’s historical flow data. The wafer-style Ultra Mag comes with ProComm, McCrometer’s recently-launched mag meter converter, offering built-in verification, an internal data logger, AMR/AMI, and other feature-rich benefits.

Both wafer-style mag meters are currently available for purchase. For more information on McCrometer meters or to request a quote, visit

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