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NETZSCH is Expanding its Product Range by Several Sizes of the N.Mac® Twin Shaft Grinder for Flow Rates up to 400 m³/h

26 Aug 2020  |
The N.Mac® twin shaft grinder from NETZSCH is available with a channel or an inline housing. The versatile grinder is now available in further sizes for flow rates up to 400 m³/h.

The N.Mac® can be installed upstream of a pump (inline version) or above the feeding screw of a hopper pump (channel version) or in any effluent channel. The inline version of the N.Mac® is available in 3 sizes and can handle a maximum flow rate of up to 350 m³/h. The channel version of this grinder is available in 4 sizes, designed for a maximum flow rate of up to 400 m³/h. For applications with even higher flow rates, several grinders can be run in parallel, additionally allowing parts of the system to be serviced during operation. Installation of several grinders in sequence allows a gradual reduction of the particle size. Besides knives which can be removed in a cartridge for quick and easy maintenance, the N.Mac® is equipped with flushed and lubricated mechanical seals for perfect dry-running capability. The cartridge version of the mechanical seal, a leak-free combination of mechanical seal and cartridge housing, can be serviced and replaced quickly and easily. An optional control panel allows the automatic reversal of the running direction to release stuck media.

The N.Mac® twin shaft grinder features modular assemblies and replaceable components allowing all parts to be serviced and maintained without any restrictions.

Versions with up to 6 cutting cartridges per shaft are available. The cartridges are pre-assembled and delivered with spacers and knives already positioned for easy installation. Different materials can be selected depending on the application. The cycloidal gearboxes are maintenance-free for up to 2 years. The grinder is supplied with different cutting tool sizes for different shaft speeds as a standard to optimise the gripping and the cutting process.

Accessories include a control panel for guaranteed operation and system safety, a cutting cartridge cleaner for a permanently clear cutting chamber and unrestricted flow of liquid as well as a drive shaft extension to elevate the electric motor above the liquid level.

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