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New Catalogues from Ijinus: Advanced Instrumentation

21 May 2024  |
IJinus is pleased to announce the immediate availability of two brand new catalogues. The Drinking Water Instrumentation Catalogue, showcasing Ijinus and Fast supply equipment, offers comprehensive coverage of water network diagnostics.

The second catalog, concerning sanitation and natural water monitoring solutions, features sensors, dataloggers, flowmeters, and other stand-alone communication solutions.

Fast and Ijinus supply equipment to cover all water network diagnostics.

Performance of Sanitation Systems and Natural Water

New product catalogue featuring a wide range of sensors, dataloggers, flowmeters and other stand-alone, communicating solutions.

Connected, intelligent management of natural water and wastewater networks thanks to our range of autonomous data loggers. They transmits the measurements collected by one or more sensors to SCADA via different communication protocols (GSM, GPRS – 2G, MODBUS, LTE-M and NB-IoT).

Therefore, it simplifies the management of environmental data on waste water and surface water. The data are transmitted to a web monitoring platform or to your sever / software where they can be compiled, compared, analysed and interpreted.

Download your copy here

Performance of Drinking Water Supply Networks

Fast and Ijinus supply equipment to cover all water network diagnostics. Applications includes :

  • Water network pressure monitoring
  • Flow and temperature logging : Connection to electromagnetic flowmeters (Krohne, ABB, Siemens …).
  • Recording of volumes by pulse counting (100Hz max)
  • Water pipe and leak detection (pre-locators, ground listening devices and correlators)

Download your copy here

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