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New in the Stauff Range: Couplings in "Nordic design"

12 Nov 2019  |
Stauff has added the QRC-HUS plug-in coupling series to its range especially for the Scandinavian markets. The design of these plug-in couplings is also referred to as "Nordic design". It features a particularly robust design, increased sealing action and particularly efficient corrosion protection.

Despite all international standards, consideration still has to be given to national and regional characteristics when selecting couplings for detachable connections on lines for hydraulic oil and other media. 

The Scandinavian industry often uses “Nordic design” couplings for this task. They differ from other coupling series due to the especially robust design which focuses on maximum service life even under adverse ambient conditions as well as increased sealing action.

To complete the portfolio and reinforce the market position of an international one-stop supplier for couplings and other line connections, Stauff has now added its own “Nordic design” coupling series to its range: the QRC-HUS series. It is available in the nominal sizes DN10 to DN25 and is suitable for operating pressures up to 350 bar, depending on size. 

As usual for Stauff and particularly appropriate for this robust coupling, the QRC-HUS has a high safety factor: The bursting pressure is four times the maximum operating pressure. 

The high-quality zinc-nickel coating also suits the characteristics profile – it ensures long-lasting corrosion protection and offers maximum resistance to red rust/base metal corrosion. In practical application, this coating exceeds even the highest requirements of corrosion protection class K5, which are defined in VDMA standards sheet 24576 for tube connections. The high ductility of the protective layer is the prerequisite for the above-average wear protection during high mechanical strain. 

Operation of the coupling is very easy: The user only has to pull back the sliding sleeve of the connector (loose half) to disconnect the coupling. The connector and sleeve can also be coupled under residual pressure (up to 20 bar). 

Another safety feature of the new coupling is the individual coding, which e.g. allows each production batch to be traced. The QRC-HUS is available from stock and compatible with competitors’ couplings in “Nordic design”.

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