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Can I Autoclave the Level Measurement Instrument?

Can I Autoclave the Level Measurement Instrument?
When acquiring level measurement instrumentation, especially in the pharmaceutical industries, the question is often asked, autoclaving is a crucial part of the process but many level switches won’t last through the process.

It is often said that buying cheap is expensive but acquiring quality instrumentation is not always expensive. One should always look at three main factors:

  • The required accuracy: what accuracy does your process demand, what Is the cost of overflow due to lack of accuracy?
  • The expected lifetime: the lifetime of a probe can be difficult to calculate, but what experience does the manufacturer hold in this area?
  • What are the expected service needs? The need for ongoing calibration and service, on top of the time spent on demounting (and remounting) after the cleaning process are costs that are often hidden from the budget, but can be very expensive

Hold these factors up against the purchase price, one of the instruments that will turn out as being very competitive to perform the level measurement, or as a high-level switch will be the Drexelbrook Universal IV.

Universal IV is created with an innovative Sensor Design for Autoclave requirements – The RF Level Sensor combines a Quick Disconnect to wiring connections and Triclamp process mounting to provide a solution alternative then primary level measurement sensors need sterilization.

The sensor design allows the sensor to be quickly and easily removed from the vessel via quick disconnect electrical and process connections, or if the entire vessel must be autoclaved after a process run, this sensor can survive while remaining installed in the vessel during the full autoclave process.

Typically when level sensors needed to be autoclaved for sterilization, the sensor required some items such as housings, etc., to be disassembled before being autoclaved. A sensor design requested by a major global pharmaceutical company would permit the sensor to remain installed on small “tote” vessels during autoclaving. In this specific use, the tote vessels have wheels that allow them to be rolled into large autoclaves for sterilization.

Additionally, this level sensor can be easily removed from the vessel for sterilization when used on larger vessels that are not transportable.

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