Proportional Valve Drivers – Accurate and User-Friendly Valve Controllers

31 May 2022  |

Hydraulic systems always require a certain level of accuracy to perform most tasks, but what do you do when you need the most precise control of your hydraulic valve?

The Digital Display Proportional Valve Drivers (DDPDX) offers accurate and intuitive control of an output current to a proportional valve from a potentiometer, joystick, PLC or other control system allowing for smooth and precise operations. The DDPDX features an expanded digital display and hardware changes that increase performance and allow for future customization. This simplifies ordering as one valve driver can be used for different command input types. The DDPDX is also compatible with all makes of proportional valves, such as Sun Hydraulics, Argo-Hytos, Eaton-Vickers, Parker, Yuken, etc.

As the DDPDX does not require any additional electrical equipment or software to set parameters, it is a simple plug-and-play add on. To set the parameters of the driver, a simple tool like a screwdriver can be used to operate the encoders. Each driver comes with short circuit reverse polarity protection and command input over-current protection.


The Digital Display Proportional Valve Driver comes in six different forms:
• single solenoid mount with PG9 cable gland with an IP 65 rating
• single solenoid mount with DIN43650 cable connector with an IP 65 rating
• single NEMA 4X enclosure with clear lid
• dual NEMA 4X enclosure with clear lid
• single DIN rail mount open PCB
• dual DIN rail mount open PCB

Parameters can be customized to meet operational requirements. The operating voltage ranges from 9 to 36 V DC. Command input can be set from 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, 4 to 20mA for a single and dual solenoid system. In addition, the dual drivers can be set to ‐10V to +10V. Current output ranges can be set from 0.20 to 3.00A and ramp time ranges from 0 to 99.5 seconds.


The extra bright digital display increases situational awareness and eliminates uncertainty by letting the operator know that power is present, settings are accurate, and input/output is correct in even the most challenging low light conditions. The dual solenoid driver features a four-digit display, and the single solenoid driver has a three-digit display. The dither ranges from 40 to 450Hz.


This unique driver simplifies set up and monitoring procedures of proportional valves in open loop systems. As mentioned, no additional electrical equipment or software are required, and parameter settings are saved in memory.

These drivers are designed to be used in a variety of applications and built to withstand an array of harsh environmental conditions. The DDPDX is capable of operating in temperatures that range from ‐40 to 75 degrees C. Lynch’s drivers have found their way into adverse applications in over 60 countries where they are currently being used in both mobile and industrial equipment.

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