SafeRack Keeps You Safe at Pipelines

At the Buckeye Pipeline SafeRack used an ErectaStep metal stair system to solve problems and improve safety in a remote location effectively.

The installed system was put in place to allow workers to access the flow control valves safely. Due to superb engineering and modern manufacturing practices the modular system is immediately OSHA compliant. A component in the ErectaStep system meets or exceeds the OSHA standards. The durable, rigid, and safe used industrial-grade metals

The stamped pattern on the stairs gives the worker’s shoe extra grip as they go up and down. The stairs meet the new OSHA requirements for length, depth, and weight-bearing ability.

OSHA Inspection Ready

The guardrails and handrails on the platform and staircases bolt in place. This “no shortcut” approach makes it easy to assemble and makes our modular system more solid-state. There is nothing shaky, loose, or flimsy about our reliable, well-assembled systems.

In order to meet any size or dimension that is needed the platform is modular and can be expanded. Each individual platform are covered with 4 square feet rigid non-slip metal. The platforms bolt together to go as long or as wide as you need them to go.

The base legs of the ErectaStep are made of heavy-duty metal that is laser welded to add rigidity and minimal weld points. The connections are cleaner, stronger, and will last longer in harsh environments.

Precast Concrete for Immediate Stability

Creating a stable base point for any work platform or crossover system is imperative. Using precast concrete pads allow for a faster installation into any tight space. You will not lose time having to pour concrete and letting it set. Precast concrete pads can be dropped into place on a level surface. Setting up a system of this caliber is quick and can be done with minimal labor in a short amount of time. One in place flow control valves are easily accessible, and your workers are in a safe environment.

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SafeRack was founded by Fred Harmon and Rob Honeycutt in 2003 to deliver high-quality loading rack and fall protection solutions to companies around the world. Under their leadership, SafeRack opened its first manufacturing facility in 2005 in Andrews, South Carolina. By 2008, SafeRack earned a place on Inc.’s “Fastest-growing Private Companies ...