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The New TDR Series for Level Measurement in Liquids

Guided wave radar with high-frequency microwave pulses for versatile use in silos, tanks and pipes.

The measuring principle

High-frequency microwave pulses are coupled to a cable or rod and guided along the probe. The pulse is reflected by the product surface. The time from sending to receiving the signals is proportional to the distance of the level. The NivoGuide® 3000 and NivoGuide® 8000 series intelligent software offers high measurement reliability and a well-monitored probe.

Level measurement in liquids with the NivoGuide® NG 8000 as rod and cable version

From simple level measurement in water to the measurement of high volatility, the NG8 guided wave radar sensor is the right solution for such applications. Density fluctuations, steam development or strong pressure and temperature differences have no influence on the measurement result. Also, adhesions on the probe or to the vessel wall do not affect the results. This makes the NivoGuide® NG 8000 easy to plan and configure. It has the advantage that it can reliably measure even products with a dielectric constant below 1.6. The design of the standpipe or bypass pipe as well as welding seams and corrosion inside the pipe have no influence on the accuracy of the level measurement. Lateral pipe connections, deposits or corrosion in the pipe also let the measurement unaffected. Even with overfilling to the process connection, the measurement is safe. Different, often changing media, as well as mixtures can be measured equally. The sensor can be put into operation without filling or balancing with the medium.

NivoGuide® NG 8000 guided radar for continuous level and interface measurement in liquids at a glance:

  • Rod and rope version (can also be shortened)
  • Coaxial version
  • Two-wire electronics 4 … 20mA / hard
  • Pressure resistant up to 40 bar
  • Process temperature from -60 … +200°C
  • Measuring range distance up to 75m
  • Precise level detection with steam and condensate
  • Easy and time-saving commissioning
  • ATEX, IECEx and FM approval

Interface measurement in liquids

Guided wave radar NivoGuide® NG 8 series for bulk liquids, pastes, 
foam, etc. and interface measurement.
Guided wave radar NivoGuide® NG 8 series for bulk liquids, pastes,
foam, etc. and interface measurement.

The TDR NG8 is suitable for universal use for level and interface measurement in liquids, pastes and foams. Non-conductive media only partially reflect the energy of the microwave. The non-reflected energy passes through the medium and is reflected at the phase boundary to a second liquid. This effect uses the interface measurement. This functionality is easily selectable on the NivoGuide® NG 8000 via the operating tools. The system operator thus reliably receives the overall level as well as the level of the lower medium in the tank. Typical applications include interface measurements in storage tanks, separators and pumps. The NivoGuide® NG 8000 usually determines the level of the water layer under a non-conductive medium. Its independence from the density of the medium means a safe, maintenance-free and accurate measurement.

Integrated display and adjustment module

Intelligent TDR with helpful diagnostic capabilities through integrated display 
and adjustment module.
Intelligent TDR with helpful diagnostic capabilities through integrated display
and adjustment module.

The intelligent software of the guided radar sensors enables a high plant availability. Echocurves are recorded and stored and in the course of time the sensor learns more and more and knows which signals are changing and which are at a constant position. Interfering installations can thus be identified and service technicians can be avoided due to faulty level signals. The programming element with a pluggable display and operating module as well as a cover with viewing window enables very user-friendly operation of the TDR NivoGuide®. Extensive diagnostic functions ensure fast and safe handling. For example, current measured values and commissioning parameters are displayed. The parameterized data can be stored and transferred to other guided radar units, which results in considerable time savings for the installation procedure. The guided quick commissioning in 5 simple steps is intuitively adapted to the application with optimum adaptation of the sensor. It was therefore easy for the plant operator to quickly put the NivoGuide® sensors into operation.

Transparency and planning security through visualization

In addition, users with a number of scattered storage silos consider it as increasingly necessary for their systems to be equipped with automated visualization and data monitoring in addition to continuous level measurement. Detected measurement results from the sensors are quickly and easily displayed with software and can be conveniently called up from the screen at any time. Effective silo logistics then also increase the transparency and planning reliability for the plant operator. The TDR series of the NivoGuide® has therefore been equipped with an analog 4-20mA signal and a Modbus RTU or Profibus DP interface for the evaluation systems.

Always up-to-date with modern content management system Nivotec®
Always up-to-date with modern content management system Nivotec®

The data visualization provides the plant operator with fill levels in height, percent, weight or volume for transparent feed production. Trends are stored, e-mails about fill levels or silo full messages can be activated, even the individual fill level sensors can be parameterised. Clean route planning and targeted stockpiling for cost optimization in material delivery can so be facilitated.

Experts in Level Measurement

Based in the Allgäu for the past 40 years, UWT is the leading manufacturer of level measurement technology on the world market. The company is principally focused on the field of bulk solids and liquids. Its head office, development and production facilities are located in the Allgäu. With an additional production facility in Malta and its own sales subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and in the growth regions of China and India, the company can meet the needs of the world market with the greatest flexibility that customers expect. The company is certified ISO 9001:2015 and constantly expands its portfolio of product certifications (ATEX, FM, CSA), particularly with regard to the international markets. The products feature easy handling, high reliability and long service life under the motto of the company “Brilliantly simple level measurement in bulk solids.”

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