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Ultrasonic Leakage Meter

The ultrasonic leakage meter GST 6108 measures the leak rate in hydraulic systems according to the ultrasonic transit time difference principle. Since the transducer is mounted on the pipe, it can be installed rapidly, without cutting into the pipe.

The leakage meter tests with its special electronics the incoming ultrasonic signals for their usefulness for the measurement and evaluates the plausibility of the measured values. The integrated microprocessors control the complete measuring cycle, eliminating disturbance signals by statistical signal processing techniques.

The operation of the leakage meter is especially easy thanks to the clearly structured user dialogue. A status display allows the user to assess application conditions while measuring flow. With the optional software FluxData, you can transfer your measuring data from the leakage meter to a PC, analyze and visualize the measuring results and manage the data files.

The leakage meter is used for:

Airbus 320 FamilyA318, A319 CJ, A319-100, A320-100, A320-200, A321-100, A321-200
Airbus A330/A340 familyAll
Airbus A350 familyA350-900, A350-1000
Airbus A380All

Maintenance task
AMM / ATA chapter 29, C-check

Ground support equipment certificate of acceptance

Airbus 320 FamilyD29017, D29031
Airbus A330/A340 FamilyD29032, D29062
Airbus A350 FamilyD29032, D29119
Airbus A380D29032, G27029

Functional check to monitor internal leak rate of green, yellow and blue hydraulic systems for sections Complete, Left Hand Wing, Right-Hand Wing and Tail

• Portable device of low weight
• User-friendly operation thanks to the clearly structured user dialogue
• Installation on different parts of the pipe of the hydraulic system
• Easy installation without cutting into the pipe, i.e. no additional leakage occurs by opening the hydraulic system • Output and evaluation of the measured leak rate
• No GSM (Ground Service Manifold) is required, i.e. less weight aboard the aircraft
• No Hydraulic Ground Power Card is required

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