Utilize IO-Link with Flexibility and Options

13 Feb 2023  |
The advantages of automation become clear as soon as you see the data, control and monitoring capabilities that come with technology like IO-Link. The Industry 4.0 data-ready communications protocol connects sensors and actuators to process automation systems and allows data to be sent and retrieved to and from valves.

Operators no longer have to worry about inconsistencies that could come from a slight human error. Setpoints can be determined ahead of time and refined over time. Wear can be observed during maintenance intervals. The real-time monitoring not only provides you with peace of mind that your process is operating normally, it also facilitates your ability to optimize your maintenance-related downtime.

While this seems like technology of the future, it’s here today.  Companies like SPX FLOW have worked to ensure that access to helpful technology isn’t limited by the age of your system. Operators can take advantage of IO-Link technology even with legacy SPX FLOW valves. 

SPX FLOW created its CU4Plus with IO-Link with all customers in mind. Whether building a brand-new plant or simply looking to upgrade for more efficiency, data and improved uptime, you can utilize this technology. These control units work with all APV and Waukesha Cherry Burrell valves and can be retrofitted within your existing valves and paired to an IO-Link master. 

IO-Link masters make the upgrade process quick and easy and can even be paired with other protocols such as devicenet or AS-interface protocols. With devicenet products in decline in the industry, IO-Link makes it easy to scale up your network as you transition from these legacy control options.

Operators aren’t limited to a single valve — no matter the type or the age — giving them better control over the valve flow control and the components themselves. 

Equipment providers with experience and knowledge, like SPX FLOW, are building components with flexibility top of mind so all can benefit from the technology of the future. For system operators, flexibility is key to making the best decision that’s right for both the company and its customers. To be sure your needs are met throughout the whole lifecycle of your system, partner with the right equipment supplier that puts your needs first. 

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