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VpCI®- 705-Bio, Cleaner and More Efficient Organic Fuel Additive Powered by Nano VpCI!

VpCI®- 705-Bio, Cleaner and More Efficient Organic Fuel Additive Powered by Nano VpCI!
18 Mar 2022  |
As gas prices are soaring, you are probably wondering about ways to maximize the fuel economy of your vehicles. One option is to add a gasoline additive when filling the tank. VpCI®-705-Bio, Powered by Nano VpCI®, is especially formulated, biobased, biodegradable, multifunctional fuel additive to bio-fuels, produced using renewable and sustainable raw materials.

This environmentally friendly product that blends with gasoline serves as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabilizer and water emulsifier for biodiesel, diesel, gasoline, gasohol mixtures and other bio-fuels. It provides premium multiphase corrosion protection, lubricity and elastomer protection allowing better engine performance. Adding green VpCI®-705-Bio will significantly reduce emissions, and improve the power of our engine.

Scientists have long been researching additives comprised of organic compounds that could help reduce the release of pollutants into the atmosphere during the combustion of fossil fuels. This green fuel additive is a powerful option for keeping new and existing fuel systems in good condition during day-to-day operation and especially during vulnerable times such as intermittent operation, storage, or shipment. VpCI®-705 Bio, provides excellent corrosion protection for all of the common engineering metals used in automotive fuel systems including tin plated and galvanized steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper base alloys, solder, zinc and die cast alloys. VpCI®– 705-Bio enables unique multimetal corrosion protection in all phases: liquid, interface and vapor phases above and below the fuel level.  It can be used in operation or storage. 

VpCI®-705-Bio provides corrosion protection in gas/gas condensate transmission lines and collectors even in the presence of aggressive contaminants such as electrolytes, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. This strong additive will protect from corrosion in both continuous and intermittent treatment. The product does not contain trace metals, chlorides, chromates, nitrites or phosphates and does not form corrosive combustible products. It absorbs water in tank and fuel line and can be fogged into fuel tanks.

In the industry there is often a requirement for large fuel storage tanks and systems. This can cause problems such as fuel separation and potentially freezing in cold climates. Cortec®’s VpCI®-705-Bio helps alleviate this problem by reducing fuel freezing point. It provides stability and reduces the build-up of static charges that cause explosions.

Typical applications

  • Fuel tanks
  • Carburetors
  • Fuel pumps
  • Upper engine cylinder components

VpCi-705-Bio is part of Cortec’s wide range of green corrosion control options using sustainable resources. VpCI-705-Bio is USDA certified and part of the USDA BioPreferred Program Mandatory Federal Purchasing Initiative. USDA label makes it easy for consumers to locate and compare biobased products for purchase. Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. They provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. By choosing a Certified Biobased Product, the consumer can be assured that the USDA and the federal government stand behind the accuracy of the percent of biobased ingredients as stated on the label.

VpCI®- 705-Bio, Cleaner and More Efficient Organic Fuel Additive Powered by Nano VpCI!

Cleaning and Protection of Compressor Rotor

The customer,  major oil and gas company in Indonesia, wanted to clean and protect a rotor that had been previously used and was going to be stored in a warehouse. The problem was that it was difficult to clean off the residual carbon that had stuck to the surface of the rotor. They had tried various cleaners including WD-40®, a solvent-based cleaner, and a water-based degreaser, but the results were unsatisfactory. 

Cortec’s distributor proposed using VpCI®-705-Bio. This served as a residual carbon cleaner and corrosion inhibitor applied prior to wrapping the rotor in VpCI®-126 Shrink Film for storage in a warehouse. It turned out that VpCI®-705-Bio was very effective at cleaning the remaining carbon off the rotor without requiring additional work with mechanical brushes, which could have scratched the very sensitive rotor. The customer was very satisfied with the method—especially for cleaning purposes. 

VpCI®-705-Bio conforms to military specification MIL-I-2501, ASTM D665-92 and NACE RP0487-2000. It is General Motors corporation Approved Part no10661800 and contains EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Identification #1733-0002.

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