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Adjusting Operations: Steel Plant Saves Over $80,000 by switching to KZE Series pumps

Adjusting Operations: Steel plant saves over $80,000 by switching to KZE Series pumps
25 May 2023  |


  • High failure rate due to cavitation and abrasion
  • Loss of productivity through flooding
  • High repair and ownership costs


A Midwestern steel plant underwent reconstruction in 2012 as a result of a corporate merger. After the reconstruction, the plant had several scale pits in its operation. One of which holds just 25,000 gallons of water, yet has the highest concentration of scale. While changing sizes of the in-plant scale pits, the steel plant continued operating with its original 90 HP submersible scale pumps.

These pumps were designed to operate on variable frequency drives (VFD) to provide constant pit level control with one pump operating and the second used as a back-up. During reconstruction, piping was changed, which decreased the system head. The original pumps failed four times in the first year following reconstruction, due to both abrasion damage and to running out of curve which led to cavitation. Steel plant managers decided to source a more size appropriate submersible pump based on correct flow and head requirements, and the ability to process large volumes of high abrasive slurry water.


  • 100% pump reliability with zero pump failures
  • Massive savings in maintenance and cost of ownership
  • Reduced energy cost with increase production

KZE Series Features:

  • High capacity, hard metal slurry pump with agitator
  • High chrome iron ware parts (volute, impeller, wear plate)
  • High chrome iron agitator
  • Semi-open impeller capable of passing 1” solids

KZE Series Typical Applications:

  • Mineral Processing
  • Steel Production
  • Drilling Mud or Slurry Transfer
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Lime Slurry
  • Fly Ash

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