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Canned Motor Pumps for High-Pressure CO2 Systems

17 Oct 2023  |

Decentralised, pump-less cooling systems are often installed in smaller supermarkets. For large supermarkets or distribution centers of supermarkets, central refrigeration systems are much more attractive due to their higher efficiency. Due to potential hazards to people and goods, CO2 / ammonia cascade, straight ammonia or CO2 systems are often used. Canned motor pumps are mainly used in these systems because of the high level of risk.

HERMETIC can offer the right pump for all common types of systems and pumping media.

Your benefits

  • Protection – Absolute leak-tightness of the system even when using coolants with high requirements such as ammonia or CO2
  • Efficiency – Lowest life cycle costs thanks to low maintenance costs
  • Safety – Emergency storage for standard portfolio in the case of a pump failure

Typical areas of application

  • Supermarkets
  • Distribution centers of supermarkets

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