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Cardboard Manufacturer Sees ROI in Less Than a Month

4 Oct 2019  |
With one of the biggest corrugated cardboard manufacturing factories in Europe, a French cardboard manufacturer was experiencing seal failures every two months. AESSEAL® worked closely with the customer to find the right solution.

Producing 180,000 tonnes of paper and 300m2 of corrugated product per year from recycled bales of paper, the machines the cardboard manufacturer run are critical to meeting customer demand. Upon inspection of their existing set up, it was quickly determined that the issue was caused by the leakage of the process directly onto the seal, causing the seal faces to fill quickly with pulp and causing damage to the seal and the shaft. This led to the frequent stopping of the machine for installation of a new seal, creating a seemingly endless cycle of seal replacement every 2 months costing in excess of €20K each time.

Following diagnosis of the issue, AESSEAL® engineers specified the IADC with a SW2 seal support system. The IADC is a double seal that is typically used on screens and knotters. The environmentally-friendly SW Range Systems connect directly to the plant water line using it as its fluid and pressure source. Using this combination lends itself to increased reliability, with a new mean time between failure predicted to increase from 2 months to 3 years.

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