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Compact And Smart Dosing System In Analytical Instrumentation

26 Jul 2019  |
HNPM introduces the Micro Dispense Module µDispense®; a compact system for the precise dosing and metering of liquids in the microliter to milliliter range. µDispense® guarantees a process-safe liquid handling, with high precision and trueness. It reduces maintenance expenses due to its long service life.

The size of a Micro Dispense Module corresponds to the half-height syringe pumps format. With the Cavro® script language protocol and an extended command set, syringe pump programs can be processed. Due to the interface compatibility, syringe pumps can easily be replaced.

The Micro Dispense Module is characterized by its modular design with optional modules, such as shift able in- and outlet, optional pump size, filter and flow sensor. 

The core component is a micro annular gear pump, a robust and highly precise device with an extremely long service life and low pulsation. The quiet and rotatory operating micro annular gear pump allows dispensing smallest volumes of liquid on the one hand, and a continuous, uninterrupted and reversible flow on the other hand. 

Rinsing with high flow rates is also possible with the same system. Powerful electronics with integrated drive controller monitors and controls the system. Together with the flow sensor a closed loop-controlled flow is possible.


  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Biotechnology
  • Laboratory automation

Dispense Module in syringe pump format:

  • Size of half-height syringe pumps format
  • Communication via syringe pump programming commands and expanded command set
  • Compatible integration in analytical devices
  • Modular design (fluid in- and outlet, sensors, filter, materials)
  • Low noise level

Micro annular gear pump:

  • High precision of dispense volume and volume flow
  • Discrete dosing of smallest liquid volumes
  • Continuous, uninterrupted volume flow with low pulsation
  • Wide dynamic range of pump with low dosing volumes and high volume flow for rinsing without replacement of components
  • Long service life and low life cycle costs
  • Low cycle times

Sensor control and monitoring:

  • Precise controlled volume flow
  • Fault detection
  • Monitoring and documentation

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