How Important is Flow Control in Hazardous Environments

How important is flow control in hazardous environments
1 May 2019  |
Every work environment requires an element of control when it comes to potential hazards. Whether you work in an office or a warehouse, there will always be some degree of risk to employees that has to be controlled efficiently.

In some environments, the hazards that pose risk to the employee are far more dangerous. Industries that work with ergonomic, chemical, physical and biological substances all involve the use of potentially harmful substances that can carry devastating consequences if badly managed. The need for the correct flow control equipment in these cases is essential.

Fluid Controls​ explains why the need for the correct flow control equipment in these cases is essential.

When does an environment become hazardous?

A working environment which involves flammable substances, airborne contaminants, extreme temperatures and/or decibel levels, falling objects or poor air quality can be considered hazardous.

When regulating potentially harmful substances within these highly sensitive environments, the stakes are high. A lack of quality flow control can contribute to an increased risk and the consequences can be disastrous.

Prevention and control of hazards in a working environment

Most industries where the accurate delivery of gas or liquid to a chemical process, require flow control. Using a flowmeter, the rate of flow is managed into a process using either a manual or servo-controlled proportional control valve. Flow controllers, which need modulating electronically to enable a closed process loop are installed to speed up and improve the processes whilst lowering the cost,

Applications that benefit from this include the sampling systems in petrochemical plants, gas and chemical control in manufacturing processes and in off-shore oil rigs.

Flow controllers within these environments are used as much to reduce the overall risk at its source, as they are to control the hazardous substance. The flow control equipment in use must be in compliance with stringent regulations and have the ability to operate safely.

Using effective Fluid Control equipment

Ensuring the right equipment is used for the control is massively important. Flow controllers are designed to measure and control the flow of liquids and gases. Using a flowmeter they manage the rate of flow into a process.

Solenoid valves are a good performer in these environments; however, it is important to consider the power requirements and the environment they are being used in. A standard solenoid would potentially pose great risk without being upgraded, due to the electricity needed to operate them.

A simple and more reliable method of flow control within these environments are pneumatic valves. The removal of electricity from its process of delivery, removes fire and explosion hazards.

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