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UWT’s Capacitive Level Sensor for the Highest Hygiene Level

29 May 2024  |
Upgrade of the Capanivo® guarantees precision and maximum hygiene for point level and interface measurement in sensitive production environments

With further comprehensive development of the Capanivo®, UWT GmbH is focussing on innovative technologies for level measurement that offer additional advantages. This product upgrade gives the smart sensor with the capacitive measuring principle EHEDG certification and sets new standards in terms of hygiene and safety. It is therefore ideal for demanding industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The sensor’s versatile installation options offer flexible solutions for the highest industrial requirements.

The proven design of the Capanivo® has been significantly improved.  As a result, the CN 7120 point level sensor from UWT meets the standards of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). This approval authorises the sensor for use in hygiene-relevant applications such as pharmaceuticals, the food industry and other sectors that demand the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in their processes. The CN7 can be used as a full, demand or empty detector in containers, pipes or bypasses as well as for leakage detection in all liquids.

Ensuring hygiene standards

The EHEDG specifies basic requirements for manufacturers of food and pharmaceuticals to ensure clean and contamination-free design of equipment and production facilities. This includes protection against contamination by dirt, chemical substances, viruses, foreign bodies and toxins. This is achieved with UWT sensors through the use of food-safe materials, as well as the integration of high-quality surfaces and gap-free designs of the sensor arms that come into contact with the product. The EHEDG conformity of the UWT level sensors offers additional safety in industries that require sensitive production environments. This EHEDG version of the Capanivo® level indicator opens up possibilities for optimising processes while taking the highest hygiene standards into account.

Insight into EHEDG-certified revision

With the redesign of the Capanivo®, a further version of the capacitive point level indicator is now available. The EHEDG version differs fundamentally from the standard version.  

In order to comply with the EHEDG guidelines, the contour of the process connection and the flush-to-wall weld-in socket, both made of stainless steel, were optimised.

The probe is made of the high-performance plastic PEEK, which is ideal for food processing, production and biotechnological applications due to its chemical stability and thermal safety. The material is also ideal for CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (sterilisation-in-place) cleaning and sterilisation processes up to 150°C / 302°F.  

EHEDG certification guarantees compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations, a decisive factor in ensuring consistent product quality and safety.

Versatile mounting options for a wide range of applications

The CN 7 capacitive sensor is characterised by its compact design with 1/2″ process connection, which makes it ideal for use in small containers and pipes Its versatility is highlighted by the different installation options: it can be installed vertically as a full detector, horizontally as a demand detector, or from below as an empty detector.  This flexibility allows the sensor to be used in a variety of installation environments, including tanks, pipes in both horizontal and vertical orientations, as well as in bypass configurations, supporting precise measurements across a wide range of applications.

CN 7120: Applications in liquids – in the tank, horizontal pipe, vertical pipe and bypass.
Depending on the mounting position, the sensor serves as a full, demand or empty detector.

Explosion protection

The Capanivo® is not only known for its hygienic design, but also for its safety in potentially explosive atmospheres. With approvals such as ATEX, IEC-Ex, INMETRO and UKEX, the sensor can be used globally in environments that must fulfil strict safety requirements. These certifications guarantee that it functions reliably and safely even under the most difficult conditions.

Communication and process efficiency

Another outstanding feature of the CN 7 is the IO-Link signal output, a globally standardised technology that enables simple and efficient communication between the sensor and higher-level control systems.

The potted electronics within the sensor probe protect against shocks and environmental influences, thereby improving measurement accuracy and extending the detector’s lifespan. Additionally, the sensitivity can be adjusted via a potentiometer directly on the sensor. This capability for seamless integration into modern automation systems facilitates process monitoring and control, enhances operational efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs.

The integrated “Tip Sensitivity” also guarantees that the sensor reacts highly sensitively to the smallest changes, while the “Active Shield” actively protects the sensor from interference, which ensures a high level of functional reliability even with products that could cause caking or adhesions on the probe.

Game changer in the field of capacitive point level measurement

Overall, the capacitive level sensor of the Capanivo® series from UWT is an outstanding solution for companies that require reliable, safe and hygienic level monitoring in their production facilities. The combination of advanced technology, comprehensive approvals and certifications as well as versatile application possibilities makes the CN 7120 a valuable tool in the modern process industry.

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