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Packo Introduces the LT Rotary Lobe Pump for Drive With a Hydraulic Motor

20 Jun 2024  |
The LT series are hygienic loading and unloading pumps for trucks. As the hydraulic motor is mounted without lantern piece nor coupling, the LT builds very compactly and is thus best suited to be installed in small spaces or where no electric drive is possible, such as in a truck.


LT truck pumps are designed to pump low and high viscosity products bidirectionally (loading and unloading) and offer very good efficiency, even with low viscosity products. A large stroke volume, good suction power and good cleanability are further features of the LT series. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of 1.4404/316L stainless steel to meet the highest hygienic standards. The use of compact, directly coupled hydraulic motors enables a space-saving and flexible installation.


What provides the X-factor with the LT pump? Quite simply, with a capacity of up to 40m³/h, 15 bar and 140°C, the pump can be used to pump low- and high-viscosity liquids (up to 1,000,000 cP). Being a volumetric pump, it can easily swallow an air bubble. This air bubble can get into the pipes when disconnecting and connecting the hoses or because a vortex is created in the tank when it is almost empty.

Moreover, the flow rate of the pump is easily adjustable by varying the speed of the hydraulic motor.


LT truck pumps offer very good efficiency even with low viscosity products. The process pump can also be used as a CIP supply pump. Well-known applications are: filling and unloading all kinds of oils, syrups, chocolate, etc. in tankers.

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