The Ideal Solution for Stripping Applications

9 Mar 2022  |
Klaus Union recently supplied this double volute twin screw pump series DSP-4C according API 676 3rd Edition to a large customer in Spain.

The pump is supposed to act as a stripping pump handling hydrocarbons, FAME and palm oil mix. As special feature, the pump comes with our “Plug & Pump” cartridge design for easy and fast maintenance of the pump hydraulics. In addition, the rotors have an optimized design for a higher efficiency and better NPSH.

The spool piece on the discharge flange is intended to fit the pressure safety valve according API 520/526 and to simplify customer’s piping layout. An API Plan 51 is a low maintenance solution to increase seal lifetime especially during phases where partial dry run can occur at the end of the stripping operation.


Double Volute Twin Screw Pump With Shaft Seal

Flowrate: 220 m³/h

Viscosity: 0,5 – 65 mPas

Power: 74 kw

Suitable for nearly every Liquids, incl. Multiphase Fluids and Polymers

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