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Johnson Controls Launches New TYCO® Pressure Control Valves for Fire Protection Systems

17 Jun 2020  |
Johnson Controls announces the launch of two new TYCO® pressure control valves for fire protection systems: the TYCO® Model RV-1A Pressure Relief Valve and the TYCO® Model PRV-1A Pressure Reducing Valve.

The new valves offer simple, low-maintenance solutions for controlling and maintaining optimal water pressure within commercial fire protection systems.

The TYCO® RV-1A Pressure Relief Valve automatically relieves excess pressure in fire protection systems to maintain a relatively constant system pressure as flow demands change. Its simple design eliminates the need for users to bleed trapped air from the diaphragm chamber. The valve offers users a nominal relief “set pressure” range of 30 to 250 psi (2.1 to 17.2 bar).

The TYCO® PRV-1A Pressure Reducing Valve reduces a higher inlet pressure to a lower outlet delivery pressure in water-filled pipes. It automatically maintains the outlet “set pressure” (static and residual) within a close range, regardless of fluctuations in the higher-pressure inlet line or varying flow rates.

“We developed both valves using the same diaphragm design as the TYCO® DV-5A deluge valve, said Gijsbert van Rooijen, global product manager, Johnson Controls. “With a simple trim configuration and just one moving part, just like the DV-5A, these new valves provide optimal pressure control with minimal maintenance and dependable, consistent operation over time.” 

The RV-1A and PRV-1A valves are UL and ULc Listed and FM Approved. Both valves are factory assembled and fully trimmed. They are available in sizes ranging from two inches to eight inches, with flange-by-flange and grooved-by-grooved end connection options.

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