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Canned Motor Pumps for Server Room Cooling

7 Jul 2022  |
Given the explosive growth in web hosting and cloud computing, data servers are playing an increasingly important role in business and society. The reliability of the servers in the sensitive areas of banks, insurance companies, authorities and large companies is particularly critical.

This requires cooling systems of increasing size to dissipate the heat generated in the server rooms. The classic cooling medium air is increasingly being replaced by water and other natural refrigerants such as CO2 or NH3 . Besides safety aspects and special requirements for handling natural refrigerants, system efficiency and environmental aspects also play an important role. HERMETIC supports system manufacturers and server room operators with hermetically sealed canned motor pumps that perfectly combine safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Your benefits

  • Safety: Absolute leak-tightness of the system even the using coolants with high requirements such as ammonia or CO2
  • Pressure resistance: High operating pressures can be achieved when using CO2
  • Compact design: Low NPSH values for compact system construction

Typical areas of application

  • Server room cooling

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