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For more than 90 years, Fluid Motion Solutions have provided industry leadership in the design and development of progressing cavity pump and mixing technology. Delivering superior performance and operating efficiency, the pumping technology product lines range from large and small sanitary pumps and offer ideal fluids handling solutions for a wide range of applications. While continuing to engineer industry-leading pump ranges, we also manufacture grinders and screens specifically designed for industries requiring solids reduction or waste conditioning. The grinder technology effectively macerates raw sewage, sludge, screenings, and industrial process flows, while the range of screens fits various channel widths and depths, giving flexibility for a large span of applications.

The Fluid Motion Solutions business also manufactures rugged and reliable agitators, static mixers, heat exchangers, high shear mixers, and belt-driven side entry mixers for highly engineered mixing solutions required for industrial processes. Supporting this equipment are a team of mixing specialists, a global service and aftermarket Team, and customer access to application software for optimal mixing results.

NOV Fluid Motion Solutions
NOV Fluid Motion Solutions
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