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Mobile Solutions for Pump Units and Systems

Mobile Solutions for Pump Units and Systems
16 Oct 2018  |
Mobile" no longer applies to cell phones only. In fact "mobile" refers to our everyday life more & more these days - mobile homes, mobile work, mobile ... Why is that so? ... because mobile means flexibility!

Tapflo being a leader in our industry has understood and applied that trend long time ago.

Today thanks to our Engineering To Order approach we can add “mobility”, to nearly every single pump we manufacture today.

Mobile Pump Units are most commonly used by industrial customers with spread liquid storage and a low intensity of unloading. The portability of the Units allows easy movement to various locations. This means almost limitless number of duties served by one pump unit. Now if user needs to unload several containers in different locations the mobile pump becomes most flexible solution. Additionally the pump equipped with counter-connections and hoses, which can also be part of the unit, make unloading liquid from several different tanks in different locations also very safe and cost efficient.

Mobile units from Tapflo include both – Air operated diaphragm pumps as well as centrifugal pumps and can be combined with other accessories that make the solution useful for particular application.

The idea of Mobile pumping solutions is best illustrated by examples of units used in the industry and serving real customers to support their processes.

Carbon Disulfide transfer and tanker unloading

Metal Diaphragm Pump with Guardian system (pump diaphragm failure monitoring – featuring total confinement of pumped liquid in case of diaphragm failure), pneumatic hose reel and grounding cable reel for the final customer, company specialized in chemical manufacturing & bulk liquid terminal services.

This customized mobile pump unit was designed for tanker unloading and chemical transfer of Carbon Disulfide.

To reduce cost of the transportation (from Europe to Australia), unit fits standard pallet: it is equipped with detachable handle as well as suction and drain valves.

During the design process Tapflo was focused on ease of operation and flawless work in hazardous zones (ATEX) which was perfectly executed with a typical material, metal diaphragm pump.

Distillery industry – Alcohol macerate transfer

Tapflo CTH (Centrifugal hygienic pump) mounted on a trolley for an end user in the beverage industry final customer – the distillery industry. This custom designed mobile system has FDA and ATEX certificates.

The customer, a manufacturer of high grade beverage alcohols, needed a solution which could be used for slow flow of small amounts of alcohol macerate and gentle circulation of alcohol macerate (based on fruits) of different taste and colors.

Tapflo designed and offered a solution with CTH pump mounted on a trolley and equipped with a built-in ON/OFF switch able to work in ATEX zone.

It is important to note that Tapflo ETO (Engineering to Order) team has a huge experience in designing mobile ATEX solutions.

Complex process support for Restaurant brewery producer

CTH (Hygienic Centrifugal Pump) mounted on a trolley for an OEM customer in the brewery industry.

The customer manufactures microbrewery units for restaurants and other gastronomic facilities.

Customer requested a mobile solution that can be used from the beginning of the process until the end – so also for the final product.

Tapflo ETO designed a solution with CTH pump mounted on a trolley and equipped with a built-on frequency inverter to adjust the speed of the pump depending on the stage of the process.

As the pump is used also for the beer mash it has been equipped with a lubricated seal, preventing sticking of mechanical seal as well as with a flushing system to continuously clean the mechanical seal area.

Oil and fat collection from different containers

The customer, one of the leading liquid waste disposal companies, is using Tapflo unit to collect used cooking oil and fat from different containers.

The customer receives the Oil in different sized barrels/IBC from restaurants, commercial kitchens and industrial plants. The problem that our solution needed to overcome was that oil contains small abrasive leftovers as well as bigger sized backlogs. The medium is also often contaminated with paper towels, aluminum foil and other kitchen waste.

The requirement was to deliver a mobile, self-priming solution which is able to run dry, can handle solids and also higher viscose liquid.

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