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New Lloyd Instruments Tablet Provides Easy Materials Testing

30 Mar 2020  |
Lloyd Instruments introduces a new tablet for use with its LD Series materials testing machines with capacities ranging from 5 to 100 kN.

The tablet is designed for users who are looking for an easy, reliable digital materials testing solution where no computer or knowledge of programming language is required.

When combining the tablet with one of the LD Series materials testers from Lloyd Instruments, the machine is turned into a standalone test machine that loads all data directly into the tablet. The 2-in-1 functionality of the tablet offers the user the flexibility of placing the tablet directly on the test machine or unattached next to the machine.

With an intuitive interface and quick test functionalities – such as defining specific tests as favorites on the startup screen – setting up a test, selecting test runs, and exporting results takes only a few keystrokes.

The 13” tablet features an easy-to-read, color touchscreen and is ideal for routine applications requiring the measurement of peak loads and breaking loads.

Test results can be viewed either as a graph or in a tabular format showing multiple test results. The results are automatically saved, offering the user the ability to recall them at a later time to analyze or continue testing a batch run.

Test results can be exported into both PDF and .csv files. Data storage can easily be done internally or on an external server, which provides efficient procedures for documenting yields, product quality, and performance.

The tablet can be password protected and features two levels of user access: supervisor and operator.

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