The New TS Temperature Sensor Series for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

The new TS Temperature Sensor series for food and pharmaceutical applications
With its flexibility and performance, the TS, as a further development of the successful TFP series with its almost proverbial reliability and durability, sets new standards in temperature measurement.

After the introduction of the mini version TSM, users were enthusiastic about the simple configuration, the problem-free commissioning, and the new functions based on the flex-hybrid technology with digital and analogue data transmission.

Now the compact version TSB follows with even more variants, application possibilities and options, such as:

  • Dual Pt100: The dual RTD sensor enables dual, parallel measurement and thus self-monitoring of the sensor performance. This is just one option among many combinations of single and dual RTD, type Pt100 or Pt1000, and accuracy class A, AA, or AAA.
  • LCD display: The sensor head can be equipped with an easy-to-read LCD display for optimised on-site control and can also be oriented horizontally or vertically.
  • Choice of 0, 1 or 2 transmitters: The right solution for every PLC connection.
  • CLEANadapt with PEEK sealing edge: This new hygienic screw process connection is based on the excellent experience of the CLEANadapt metal-to-metal solutions. The new sealing zone made of highly resistant PEEK has already been 3-A approved.

The Flex Hybrid technology with IO-Link and 4…20 mA combines the best of both worlds: Data can be transmitted from the sensor in digital or analogue mode.

  • Flexible communication with plug and play saves time and money during installation and commissioning.
  • Simple individual programming with IO-Link master, e.g. for changing the measuring range or for two-point adjustment using zero point and slope. The USB – IO-Link Master IOM-01 is available as an accessory.
  • Sensor replacement is easier than ever before thanks to the “Smart Replace Design” with automatic sensor identification, configuration, and parameterisation via IO-Link.

With further improved product performance, TSB is the new benchmark for temperature with extended process temperature range from -200 to 400 °C, improved measuring accuracy of < ±0.1 K, higher ambient temperature resistance and a one-piece design completely in stainless steel which provides lasting stability and application safety.

The freely configurable modular concept allows you to assemble your individual desired sensor in just a few steps. At the same time, the TS series is fully backwards compatible, both mechanically and electrically, and can thus replace any existing TFP sensor without modifications. TS thus offers a suitable solution for every application. For new equipment, the modular design together with the Flex-Hybrid technology means maximum flexibility and future-proof set-up for every application. For retrofitting, TS can replace any TFP Mini sensor in existing systems – with all the additional advantages. And finally, for the replacement of third-party devices, a suitable model is always possible due to the large selection of process adaptations and maximum flexibility in configuration.

Thanks to the wide range of variants in each of the 5 configuration levels, almost all requirements in food or pharmaceutical applications can be realised:

  • The flush version, for example, is ideal for installation in containers with agitators or other mechanical devices and enables hygienic pig cleaning in pipes.
  • A thermowell allows the sensor to be removed without opening the process. The suitable process adaptation can be welded in, screwed in, or installed as a clamp connection by means of an adapter. During operation and without the risk of contamination, the TS can be removed or replaced at any time for testing or adjustment.
  • Sensor tips in various diameters and lengths from 0 to 2000 mm allow very specific adaptation to the respective installation conditions and very short response times required for process control.
  • The huge selection of process adapters for screw and clamp connections allows the TS to be installed on almost any existing process fitting.
  • In the further configuration stages, a choice can be made from different spacers for adaptation to ambient temperatures, a sensor head with or without transmitter and a selection of electrical connections with protection class IP 69K.

The Mini Version TSM is already available. The Compact version TSB will be launched in August, an “At a glance” document with the most important product highlight can already now be downloaded as PDF file.

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