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The Perfect Pumps for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Perfect Pumps for Pharmaceutical Industry
7 Oct 2022  |
One of the biggest challenges within the pharmaceutical industry is how to move or scale up the flow path of your liquid for modern production methods, from Labscale development, through pilot plant to full production.

With our Verder range of pumping equipment, and combined experience we can look at the fluid and offer the best technology or principle to move it, not just a single option, so that from a fluid/ flow point of view we give an optimum solution. Verder offers a “one-stop-pump-shop for all pump technologies” with one of the largest hygienic portfolios including single use options.

Pharmaceutical Process

The pharmaceutical production process consists of four steps. Whether it is Bulk handling, Upstream or Downstream processing, and Utilities, all stages have their own challenges, applications and pump solutions. Please click on the different stages to learn more about these challenges!

Handle chemicals and abrasive liquids safely!

Are you up against any of these challenges?

We can provide solutions for:

  • When you need a true cleanable pump
  • An abrasive handling and chemical resistant pump
  • Live cells, low shear, c/w single use tubing options
  • Agressive chemicals to viscous creams
  • Small to large particulates – soft or hard
  • Lowest risk on contamination
  • Shear sensitivity

Talk to a Pump Expert

The Verder team can provide assistance and support for your pharmaceutical production process. We can answer questions on the pump type most suited to your process because we are not tied to one type but offer 6 different technologies (manufactured by us). Our experience is based on knowledge built up by talking directly with end -users.

Benefits of choosing Verder pumps:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Local aftersales support (28 countries)
  • One stop pump shop for all pump technologies
  • Own manufacturing
  • Large hygienic portfolio including single use options

We are happy to discuss performance of your current equipment or address any points you have on liquid flow to give you technical support and build trust for your next application.

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