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Stilling Tube Measurement for REFLECT™

2 May 2024  |
At a wastewater treatment plant in the UK, there was a need to gain accurate and reliable level measurement of a stormwater holding tank via a stilling tube.

Traditionally, this application worked by using a pressure sensor which was submerged in the stilling tube. This sensor provided a 4-20mA output back to the end user’s SCADA system. 

The problem the end-user was having was that the fragility of the sensor and its susceptibility to frequently becoming blocked with debris meant that the sensor required regular maintenance. This subsequently resulted in the sensor cable regularly breaking as technicians pulled it out of the stilling tube. This was quickly becoming a drain on resources, both in terms of time and money. 

REFLECTto the Rescue 

Due to the narrow beam angle of just 6° on the REFLECT™ 2-wire Radar Level Sensor from Pulsar Measurement, it is possible to fire straight down the stilling tube located in the bottom of the tank to gain an accurate level measurement. 

The REFLECT™ level sensor from Pulsar Measurement provides accurate level or volume monitoring of liquids and solids in critical measurement applications, ensuring complete peace of mind with a product that requires minimal skills and human intervention, thereby minimizing lifetime cost of ownership. Outperforming products, that up until now, required frequent and costly manual intervention to validate measurement integrity. 

The hermetically sealed Pulsar Measurement REFLECT™ level sensors require no routine servicing, and are able to withstand the harshest environments while maintaining accuracy in the presence of extreme dust, temperature, moisture, pressure, and chemicals. The built-in DATEM software allows the sensor to focus on the true level while ignoring the effects of false obstructions, giving you the accurate data needed to make decisions about your operations. 

“It is another example of the benefits of non-contacting technology and also a testament to the capability of the REFLECT™ 2-Wire Radar.”

Reduced Call Outs, Saving Time and Money 

The end-user has been delighted with the results. Now that this level measurement solution is working properly, there are no longer any callouts (previously caused by the old sensor losing signal and requiring cleaning), and they have saved a significant sum of money on sensor replacements . 

Commenting on the application, Craig Leakey, Regional Sales Manager for Pulsar Measurement, said “This was a particularly pleasing outcome, given the regular problems that the customer was encountering. This included multiple callouts for technicians in the middle of the night. It is another example of the benefits of non-contacting technology and also a testament to the capability of the REFLECT™ 2-Wire Radar. The robust signal processing and narrow beam angle has enabled a positive outcome of a troublesome application, where previously, non-contacting sensors would not have been considered.” 

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