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Roto-Jet RO-FT Pump Improves Overall Plant Reliability

24 Jun 2020  |
A major US-based refiner was experiencing very high maintenance costs with a high-speed, integrally geared pump.

Over a three year period, 17 seal failures occurred resulting in major leak detection and repair (LDAR) VOC emission violations and approximately $100,000 in maintenance costs.

Because of consistent upsets, the process—a propane iso-butane mix—necessitated a pump which could operate over a wide range of flow rates (40-120 gpm.) without incurring damage to the pump or seals. However, the customer’s’ current OH6 pump was not able to handle the process upsets and was consistently experiencing multiple seal failures per year resulting in extremely high on-going maintenance and repair costs.

The Reliable Solution

Based on prior successful experience with a Roto-Jet pump operating in  upset process conditions without any damage to the pump or seals, the Reliability Engineer selected the fully  API 610 compliant Roto-Jet RO-FT between-bearing pump to resolve the pump issue and improve overall plant reliability. The Roto-Jet pump design has earned a well-deserved reputation of being able to operate across wide ranges of flows.

The Final Result

To date, the Roto-Jet RO-FT pump has accumulated nearly five years of operation providing dependable service. Our customer is pleased with the performance and reliability of the Roto-Jet RO-FT pump and is looking forward to more installations to further improve overall plant reliability.

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